Irate Squirrel Socks, designed by VeryBusyMonkey is a VeryBusyPattern, and for awhile, I just wasn’t feeling them, despite having had them in my queue for quite some time. But they are finally finished, and very soon will be shipped off to their recipient, my best friend, and now fellow knitter – Chelsea!


The socks were just a bit too small for me, but I knew they would fit her feet. She’s only a size smaller than me (footwear-wise) so I knew it would be perfect! She graciously tried on the first sock when it was complete, and I went to work a month or so later on the second sock. They were made from KnitPicks Palette in Autumn Heather. I’ve learned from previous socks that it doesn’t wear well as sock yarn, but that was only after I had already cast on these babies. She’s been warned about washing them, and wearing them. I fear however, that their life will be short lived.

I’ve also got another project almost finished, Treads Handwarmers for my friend Serena for Christmas are almost complete. I finished the first one yesterday and she tried it on, and again, it fit perfectly. I’ve finished the thumb gusset on the second and I’m halfway through the last few rows of the hand before casting off. After that, all I have left to do is pick up the thumb, and voila! I will have a finished pair.

Which will lead right into my next project of…more handwarmers! This time however, I’m designing a pair for MEN. These will be Neil’s when they are finished. I’ve been getting that designing itch for awhile, and I can’t wait to see how these will turn out. They will be relatively simple, but definitely manly. Charcoal gray and cables…a little add-on if desired… yup! I think it will be a lovely design! Stay tuned!