Probably because instead, I have been chasing after my little guy, and attempting to please him at every cry. This would be one of those things that no one warned me about before I had him. There was lots about not sleeping, and feeling like my body wasn’t my own if I was nursing, but there were no warnings about having no privacy when I go to the bathroom, or about babies being so attached to their one parent that moving more than 10 feet from them would result in a complete and utter breakdown on their part. Seriously people, it would have been nice to know that. =P

But when I do manage to get a moment’s peace, and actually sit back on my nice comfortable sofa and watch him play, I am struck by the changes that I see in him. Just a few months ago he was a small, 6-something pound baby who was completely and utterly dependent on me for everything, from food, to diaper changes to getting around. His only sounds were ones of woe, and his life consisted of eating, pooping, sleeping, a brief period of awake time in which I had no idea what to do with him.

Now, he’s almost 18 pounds, he can feed himself solid food with his hands, and he can feed himself a bottle, though he gets distracted from that easily. He hates to be fed food from a spoon and gets frustrated, and has to be given an object to play with to distract him so I can actually get food past his lips. He crawls, he furniture walks, he stands on his own, and he even takes steps by himself here and there when he feels brave. He cries, he laughs, he yells, he babbles, he says Mama and Dada, and he loves to go outside. He puts everything in his mouth, and even when he doesn’t like it (like dirt and cat food) he is so curious about the sensation and taste that he doesn’t spit it out. He can shake his head no, he knows what the word “no” means, and he can choose to obey it or not. Usually, he chooses not.

And in those moments that I get to myself, I don’t even really get to spend them on myself. Going on the computer or actually watching a television program is right out, he is too easily frustrated by this. Knitting isn’t an option because he grabs at my yarn and pulls it, and puts small knitting notions in his mouth. I can read my books, but I must be careful where I put my bookmark, or it’s his! Cleaning is allowed sometimes, but not at others, though vacuuming is always okay, because he thinks it’s cool. Leaving the room is not allowed either, that is too much like not paying attention to him.

But life is about to get a lot harder for little Andrew, because towards the end of this month I will be taking in a little boy of 3 in for daycare. From just before 1pm to just after 6pm 6 days a week, Andrew’s time with me will be split by little Thomas, who thankfully, is potty trained. I have also decided to take on selling Norwex products, and the timing of my daycare couldn’t be more perfect, as it will leave me time to go host parties at night. If Andrew was the younger child all the time, he would be used to by now not always having his every need tended to right NOW, and he would have learned long ago that sometimes Mommy must walk away and do something else that didn’t involve him, but thanks to Andrew only having his sister here part time, he has quite gotten used to the perks that go along with being the oldest/only child, because that’s what he is for 2 weeks.

Thomas is going to shake things up quite a bit. He is going to teach Andrew more than just how to walk, or play with a dinosaur toy, or the usual things kids teach each other. he will teach him patience, that you have to put others first, how to share, and probably even how to make an awesome farting noise with your armpits. He is going to teach him something that Morgan would have taught him had she been here all the time – he is not always the center of attention. Sure, the lesson is coming a little late, but he’s a baby, and he will adapt to the change after a short time I’m sure. We will both learn a lot of lessons along the way I’m sure, but I think we’ll have a lot of fun too.

So, now that I’ve had my little time to blab, I’ll do what I know you’re waiting for; post some pictures.