Do you ever get that feeling sometimes when you wake up and you feel like there is a full day ahead of you, yet you have no idea what to do? I get that feeling pretty often myself, I’m the kind of person who always wants to be doing something, whether it’s being involved with a project around the house, or something new to plan. Yesterday was the first day in a few weeks that I had that feeling. I’d been sick twice, and then Andrew got sick as well, so I had no time or energy to put into projects or big ideas, until yesterday.

I used to sit down about 4 times a year, right around the turn of the seasons and reflect on my year, my goals that I’d set, and any new goals I wanted to achieve within the season and the remainder of the year, but when I got pregnant, I stopped doing that. Yesterday however, I got that familiar itch again, but I just couldn’t focus. Thankfully, Kimberly Wilson of the Tranquility Du Jour blog has quarterly teleclasses that focus on just that, setting goals and intentions and attempting to make yourself accountable for them. This woman is so goal oriented she even sets monthly goals, weekend goals, even weekly goals if she’s especially busy. I just never got into that habit, but I’m trying to take a page out of her book.

For a small fee I downloaded her most recent teleclass ($10 USD) and listened to it yesterday, and took notes on her system first (she uses petals, how cute!) and then I sat down with my journal while Andrew was napping and Morgan was playing outside, and among other things, set my season’s goals and my last-half-of-2011 goals.

Season’s Goals:

1. Sort the storage room and sell off or donate any of the items we no longer want/use.

2. Clean and sort Morgan’s room; get rid of old/broken/unused toys, and organize, organize, organize!

3. Use my Wii Fit everyday – this is to help me build up to one of my year’s goals of developing a daily yoga practice.

4. Meditate after dinner every night for 10-15 minutes, and build from there.

5. Get up at 8am (or earlier) everyday, regardless. Exception: when I am sick, or have been up all night with a sick baby/child. Then I’m free to sleep as much as I need.

Remainder of 2011 Goals:

1. Develop a daily yoga practice.

2. Get more involved with the kids’ education; do some “learning time” with Morgan everyday (like in an activity book, or spending some time helping her with her speech) and in the fall, take Andrew to Strong Start at least once a week.

3. Try to get Andrew in the habit of putting himself to sleep again. If possible also move towards getting him to sleep through the night.

4. Develop a daily meditation practice of at least 20-30 minutes. (Can be split up into smaller chunks of time)

5. Clean and organize the following rooms:

-Morgan’s room

-storage room

-patio space

-living room – rearrange furniture, relocate office space to keep Andrew out, downsize some furniture

-our room? If Andrew starts sleeping through the night, put him in Morgan’s room?  This one is up in the air. It completely depends on whether or not Andrew will start sleeping through the night, and whether or not Morgan’s room can even accommodate his crib.


I’m feeling pretty down proud of myself, not only for actually making the time to sit down and set some direction into my life, but also for beginning to follow through on those goals. I got up at 8am this morning, and last night Neil and I cleaned and rearranged the living room, most of the way. We have a little bit more to do, but we have made a huge dent in it. Next on the list will be Morgan’s room, then the storage room and so forth. I’m also about to go and do my Wii fit right now, and a big chunk of that will be yoga. I feel like now I have some direction, and I’m not aimlessly getting up in the morning and moving through the motions, doing whatever feels good at the time.

If you are interested in downloading some of Kimberly’s teleclasses, go to and click on “Shop” then “On Demand.” Teleclasses and talks can be found there and you pay via PayPal, and then get the download sent immediately to your inbox. How convenient is that?

Happy goal setting!