Can you believe it? It’s not a sock, a bag, or leg warmer, but an honest-to-goodness actual garment made by yours truly. Okay, yes, this garment is composed of 2 straight panels with cables in the middle that travel in opposite directions, but a garment is still a garment, and I still made it. Behold, the Alicia Tabard, designed by Louisa Harding


I made it out of Sirdar DK Tweed, and it took just under 6 balls. I was somewhere in between the 2 smallest sizes, which were 33.5” and 38”, the difference of which, I feel is kind of extreme. So, I made the 38” size back, and the 33.5” front, and I’m very happy with the results. Not much more to say, very easy pattern, and I love the results. I’m thinking about making a sort of wide belt for my waist out of the same yarn, but we’ll see.

In Andrew news, he is crawling, standing, and attempting both furniture walking and standing on his own. Here’s a couple of pictures: