And after that long pause between posts, I bring you, a new pattern! I’m very surprised I’ve had any creative drive whatsoever what with taking care of Andrew all day and all, but I’ve been blessed with some ideas here and there that I’m attempting to recreate in knitted form. The inspiration for this pattern came from the winter, and my utter dislike of getting a few inches of cold sheets on my leg when my pajama pants would ride up over my sock legs. Then, I’d have to squirm around and yank them down, only to have it happen the next time I shifted position. These Slouchy Sleepers are legwarmers that I wear over my socks and under my pajama pants, either with the purl "slouches" together, or pulled apart. This changes the thickness of the legwarmer, and also changes the length. You don’t just have to wear them at night though, if you love to sport legwarmers during the daylight and in plain sight, these will definitely draw some attention!


This pattern is available for purchase for the price of $4.00 USD on Ravelry, or via email, after the receiving of a PayPal payment. I don’t yet have a system set up to download from my website here unfortunately. Search for it on Ravelry by the pattern name of Slouchy Sleepers, or by searching my username, wcknitwit and shopping my pattern store.


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