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And after that long pause between posts, I bring you, a new pattern! I’m very surprised I’ve had any creative drive whatsoever what with taking care of Andrew all day and all, but I’ve been blessed with some ideas here and there that I’m attempting to recreate in knitted form. The inspiration for this pattern came from the winter, and my utter dislike of getting a few inches of cold sheets on my leg when my pajama pants would ride up over my sock legs. Then, I’d have to squirm around and yank them down, only to have it happen the next time I shifted position. These Slouchy Sleepers are legwarmers that I wear over my socks and under my pajama pants, either with the purl "slouches" together, or pulled apart. This changes the thickness of the legwarmer, and also changes the length. You don’t just have to wear them at night though, if you love to sport legwarmers during the daylight and in plain sight, these will definitely draw some attention!


This pattern is available for purchase for the price of $4.00 USD on Ravelry, or via email, after the receiving of a PayPal payment. I don’t yet have a system set up to download from my website here unfortunately. Search for it on Ravelry by the pattern name of Slouchy Sleepers, or by searching my username, wcknitwit and shopping my pattern store.


You can also find wcknitwit Designs on Facebook. All the information is on the wcKnitWit Designs tab at the top of this blog. Any questions, or for pattern, email me at:


In 12 days

In 12 days, Andrew will be 6 months old, and the first year of his life will have gone by in a flash. Let’s recap some of his changes, shall we?

Andrew was born on November 21, 2010 at 3:08 am. He was 6lbs 11oz.

In the first month, we experienced a lot. He was a very eager feeder, and he gained weight quickly. At one month old he already weighed 9 pounds.

The day before Andrew turned 2 months old I had an emergency surgery to remove my appendix, hence why there is no formal 2 months picture. He had his first shots (without me 😦 ) and his weight jumped up to 12’9.

Right around the 3 month mark, Andrew got really strong. You can see above that he could already sit up with support, but at 3 months he had complete control of his head, and we started him in the Jolly Jumper. He weighed 13’8, and was still growing like a weed.

At 4 months old, Andrew had started getting closer to laughing, and he would spend some time on his tummy, and he was finally moved over from his swing, which he used to sleep in (courtesy of me trying to comfort him when he was sick at 3 weeks old) to his crib, and was sleeping all by himself. He also started on rice pablum, as I could no longer completely supply him with everything he needed. He had his second round of shots, and weighed 14’14.

By 5 months old, Andrew made several leaps. The first was that he started reaching for toys, and actually playing with them. Secondly, he was sitting up on his own, supported by the nursing pillow. He was smiling everyday, interacting with people, and could communicate when he wanted to come back to Mom. He showed preference for certain toys, and was eating more pablum than ever before at dinner time, and was starting to reach for my food too. He weighed in at a whopping 15.6 pounds.

In the last couple of weeks since this last picture was taken, he has made even more strides towards independence. He has started on jarred vegetables, and so far has enjoyed butternut squash, sweet potatoes, green beans, and carrots. He’s also tried a blend of green beans, peas, and apples and enjoyed that as well. So far his only dislike is for peas on their own, and really, I can’t blame him as I hate them myself. He can now turn over from back to front, and has done so a few times. He shows even more preference for certain toys, recognizes more faces than just Neil, Morgan and I, and loves to listen to himself talking. He can push himself onto his hands and knees, and even his hands and toes. He creeps, though mostly any direction except for forwards. He’s trying to pull himself up in his crib (so we’ll be moving that down rather shortly) and he’s asserting his idenpendence by trying to move around on his own and grab at the toys he wants. He laughs at least once a day, and loves to interact with people. Right now he’s weighing in at an even 16 pounds, but I’m sure that’ll jump up by the time we take him to the doctor in 2 weeks. He has been to the pool for the first time and loved it. My little guy is growing up so fast, it’s so hard to fathom! I’m sure by the 1 year post that I’ll have even more to say!

I’m afraid I don’t have much knitting news for you; I’ve finished the Luna Moth shawl for my friend Jessica and I’m close to finishing the Make-Up Socks, but no photos yet. I’m also working on a design that should be available, I hope, by the end of the month. I’m enjoying the increasing number of sunny days we are having, and I’m looking forward to warm weather again. I promise I’ll keep you updated, especially on the knitting front!