Well, I think it’s safe to say that my bout of spring Startitis was a little less than fruitful. Not 3 weeks ago I had 3 pairs of socks on the go, 2 of which I showed you. The pink ones, the Pair of Hearts socks, were finished 1 month to the day before Silke’s birthday, and when she came over, I photographed them, and gave them to her. Thankfully they seem to fit quite well, and I’m very happy with how they turned out.

They were made out of Trekking, which is one of those yarns that I rarely think to work with when I see it in the yarn shops, but that when I do pick it up, I am smitten with it as I work. You would think this would eventually translate to me thinking to myself “Oooh! I like Trekking!” but sadly, so far it doesn’t seem to be sticking in my brain. Maybe noting it in the blog will work.

But that is where the finished projects end. My Make-Up socks lie uncomplete – the first one just needs to get the Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off treatment, and the second is halfway through the foot. And my Irate Squirrel socks? Still only halfway through the first leg. Instead I’m working on the Luna Moth shawl for my best friend, also named Jessica, because this is a project I’m being paid to do. I’m not charging a large amount for the shawl, she paid for the yarn, and I think I get to go shopping for some roving after it’s done as my payment. I’m making it out of Knit Picks yarn in Gloss Dk, and it’s a super easy, quick, beautiful project so far. I’ve never knit a shawl in such a heavy weight before, and I love it. Jess wanted something neutral but dark to throw over her shoulders for warmth and style in places like church, so we chose Coast Grey as the color. It’ll go with anything she has, and it’ll look stunning on her. I’ll be sure to photograph the heck out of it when it’s finished.

In baby news, Andrew is 4 months now, and the changes happen everyday! His newest favorite discoveries are rolling onto his left side, grabbing his toes, sticking out his tongue, and he finally really, really enjoys laying at his baby gym. He can put himself to sleep when he’s mellow; all he needs is a soother, or some toys to stare at as he drifts off. He’s eating rice pablum, and he’s in his Exersaucer now, which he loves! My favorite thing to watch him do is stand up on his tippy-toes in it. He wobbles a bit back and forth as he tries to learn about balance, before either tipping backwards or forwards, then he usually makes a joyful sound (still no laughing yet) and starts grabbing at or banging at his toys. Here’s a few choice photos. And as always, if you want to view some videos, my YouTube.com channel is 85bluedragonfly.

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Well, happy knitting! Hopefully next time I post I’ll actually have some finished object shots to show you…