It’s March in the Fraser Valley of Beautiful British Columbia, and I think like most residents, I’m chomping at the bit to see some color in our world again. With some snow in February (usually a rare occurance here) and then a pile of rain, well, I was in dire need of some color, and I suppose my knitting is reflecting that. Pictured above, on the left, is Pair of Hearts socks, knit in Trekking for my friend Silke. It’s her birthday present on her request, and though at first I was cringing at the thought of making a pair of Barbie pink socks, I have to say, I think I might be a bit hard pressed to give these away. They are going to be way too big for me though, so I guess I’ll have no choice but to give them up in the end. On the right though are socks for me, Make-Up Socks from the Joy of Sox book, and knit in Stroll. It’s another tedious knit-through-the-back-of-the-loop sock, which I seem to be drawn to (asthetically) these days, but always end up cursing myself while I’m making it. When this pair is done, I’ll be done with ktbl patterns for a little while I think. That bind off needs to be picked back though; it was a kitchener bind off, and is just not stretchy enough. I’m going try Jenny’s Suprrisingly Stretchy Bind Off (which Cat Bordhi happens to be a fan of, check out her YouTube channel for a how-to video) which I hear rave reviews over.

I also made and finished in one evening the Fawn Earflap Hat from Boutique Knits, which I gifted to myself for Christmas with some Chapters gift cards. The pattern also calls for ribbons and buttons, which I debated over adding, but decided against it. I love the hat as it is. It was knit out of some Unique Sheep chunky yarn, and my mother, gotta love her, did the crocheted slip stitch around the edge and saved the world from hearing me curse like a sailor while I attempted it myself.

Notice also the Vancouver Canucks hoody, which was a Valentine’s gift from Neil. I forewent flowers for something that would not only last longer, but also make me feel like a true fan while I’m watching the game.

Andrew is doing very well, he’s three and a half months old, and growing like a weed. I wish I had some more pictures to add, but at this time, I don’t. I’ll take a few in the next couple of days to show you. He’s trying to sit up though, and as of this morning is now reaching occassionally for toys! He’ll be ready for the Exersaucer soon! Still no laugh, but he’s getting very, VERY close to that! I’ll be sure to get some on video when it happens. If you’d like to see videos of the little critter, head to my YouTube channel, 85bluedragonfly

Tata for now! Happy knitting, and hopefully, happy spring colors will be in full bloom soon!