During the “Week of the Great Andrew Sleeps” I was able to finish the stockings. Andrew spent a whole week in huge blocks of naps and nighttime sleeps, so much so that I was not only able to finish the first stocking, but start and finish the second! I wanted them done in time for my dad’s 50th birthday party, as I planned to wear them with my new charcoal grey pencil skirt. Well, finish them I did, on the day of the party no less, but they just didn’t go. I did of course, snap a picture of them.

I also realized that I never showed finished object photos of the Heartland Lace Shawl for my mother that caused me so many problems.

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Mom graciously modelled the shawl on Christmas, when she finally received it. It’s huge! I’m so glad it’s finished and with her though, she wears it so well!

Also, Andrew reached 3 months old, and of course, you know I had to take pictures. He’s 14 weeks old now, and is growing like a weed. He weighs 14 pounds, and has discovered his thumb, his fist, and that he can make noises with his mouth when he’s happy, not just upset. The time is going by so quickly, I’m constantly pulling out the camera to make sure I get it all!


I’ll continue to update you on his progress, as well as the progress of my knitting, as often as I can actually give you something to read. I’m working on two sock projects right now, the Irate Squirrel socks by VeryBusyMonkey, and the Make-Up Socks from the Joy of Sox book. I’m using KnitPicks yarns for both of them, Autumn Heather Palette for the former, and Stroll in Lantana for the latter. So far, very happy with both patterns – the former is a top down and the latter is a toe up, so I’m getting the best of both worlds. Once there’s something worth photographing, I’ll take a picture and show you. Well, back to work for me! There’s a mountain of dishes with my name written all over them.

Ahh…the joys of motherhood!