Well, since my last post, again a lot happened. The first of which is the bandages came off about a week and a half after my surgery, and everything is looking really good. My incisions are still a little swollen, and they are weirdly firm to the touch, but I am healing very well. Stil the occassional bit of pain if I get hit on any of them, but that’s going away very quickly.

Secondly, the Elinor Stockings are finally available on KnitPicks.com! For only $2.99 you can download the pattern, and the yarn suggested is Palette, which sells for only $1.99 a ball, and 3 are required for this project. You can download from Ravelry as well if you prefer, search wcknitwit to find my store.

In knitting news, I finished the feather and fan baby blanket I started when I was pregnant with Andrew. I thought about keeping it for him, but really, he has so many blankets that I decided it would be better served as a gift to Andrew’s Auntie Kim, who is pregnant with her first child, a younger boy cousin for Andrew. She’s due in May and she is like me, scooping up baby items with relish, so I knew she would like to get that early. She said she’s also constantly looking over the baby items and touching them, the way I did while I was expecting. The plain vanilla socks I knit out of Claudia’s Handpaints (a gift from Mom for Christmas) are now done. Started on Boxing Day and finished on Valentine’s Day. they are one of my favorite pairs of socks. The yarn was really nice to work with, and they feel great. I’m now working on my German Stockings by Cookie A. Since yesterday afternoon, I’ve finished the heel flap, heel turn, gusset, and now I’m working on the foot. They are one of the most intricate pairs of socks/stockings I’ve worked on, other than Twisted Tulip by Chrissy Gardiner. If you are experienced with knitting and socks, they are a must knit in my opinion, but if you’re a beginner, I don’t suggest attempting them yet. I’ll put up a picture once the first one is done, but it’s not worth photographing yet until it can be tried on, the detail has to be really stretched out.

Andrew is growing quickly for those wondering. So many strides have been made since my last post. He’s sleeping better and better at night, and he’s even slowly getting integrated into the crib finally!. He’s in the Jolly Jumper, and he’ll finally sit in his little seat, a contraption called a “Bumbo” and now will bring a toy up to his mouth to suck on it.

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He’s getting very, very strong with his legs and head. From a lying down position he’ll lift his head up and try to sit up, and his favorite thing in the world is to be stood up and look about the room. His favorite people right now are myself, his Dad, my Dad (he goes by Taid with Andrew) and my mom, his Grandma. He seems to know and respond to these people the most, but he will definitely respond to most smiley faces when he’s in a good mood.

If you’d like to find out more about wcKnitWit Designs, search us on Facebook and become a fan (and you can friend me there too, just include a message saying you know me from the blog), and also on Ravelry, also under wcknitwit. I may get enough time in the spring to start work on another design, but I won’t make any promises, little man takes up a lot of time!