As a knitter, over the years I have made a lot of beautiful things. My shawls especially come to mind, but really, isn’t it wonderful that a person can take 2 pointed sticks and a ball of yarn and make something lacey, or something cabled, or something textured, and make fabric out of it, and then turn that fabric into something wearable, or practical? I sure think so. But despite how beautiful I find a lot of the projects I’ve knitted, nothing, and I mean nothing compares to the beauty of my latest creation.

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Andrew Ross J. was born on November 21, 2010 at 3:08am. I went through 20 hours of back labour to get him, but he was worth every second, every ounce of pain, and he’s the light of my life. He is doing very well at just over 2 weeks old, he’s gained probably 2 pounds already, and outgrown newborn size clothes and diapers. I am also doing well, I am getting sleep (in stages, of course), and I am eating, and I’m even getting the occassional bit of housework done too! I have not, however, touched my knitting needles since just before I went into labour, I was retaining too much water to be able to do it comfortably, and of course since we brought him home, I have been too busy getting accustomed to my new role, and getting ready for the holidays.

Hopefully this blog won’t die, but I’m not making any promises right now! Happy holidays if I don’t post before then, and happy knitting too!