I just want to start off this blog post by saying that I don’t normally try to promote other businesses for free, but sometimes, something so nice happens that I feel the need to tell others about it, especially when in these days, good customer service doesn’t always happen.

So, you might remember me telling all of you about how I had this great idea for a pair of toe-up stockings for a design project, and I went and ordered the yarn right away for it. Well, it arrived yesterday, and I couldn’t resist casting on that evening and getting started with my notes, charts, and ideas. Only, after the second row of stitches, I realized that my yarn was catching on a burr on the cord of my new KnitPicks needle, which is also where the yarn came from. Frustrated, I kept working at it, since I didn’t have any 2mm needles left, but decided to call customer service this morning to see if I could get a resolution.

Well, not only was I surprised to find on their website that their customer service opens at 5am my time, and so was open before I had to go to work this morning, but also that they were happy to replace my needle at no cost to me. I also realized when I got the needle that I meant to order a 40″ circular, but had accidentally ordered a 24″ – which by the way, makes Magic Loop a little challenging. It can be done, but it’s not as easy as it is with a bigger needle. When I told this to the service rep, she said she would replace the needle that had the burr for free, and would order me the right needle, and even wane the shipping! So, in about 6-14 business days, I should be getting my replacement needle and my new needle, and the only money I had to give out for this new needle was for the actual cost! I couldn’t believe it!

They didn’t ask for the needle to be shipped back, they didn’t ask for money for shipping the extra needle I wanted to order, and they were even kind enough to suggest trying a nail file on the burr to see if it would eliminate the problem (I did, and it’s a lot better, but it still catches a little bit and it kind of irritates me). Really, these days can you beat that kind of service?

Because I’m impatient though, I’m going to continue working on the stocking on this needle. I have so many ideas that I want to try out on the leg part of the stocking that I can’t really bear the thought of putting this down long enough to wait for my new needles to come in. I’ve always been a big fan of KnitPicks yarn, needles, and way of doing business, but now, I’m an even bigger fan. Thank you nameless service rep for making my day.