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Aren’t they lovely? I’m very, very happy with this project, despite the fact that the tightly knit cabled strips hurt my hands. When that part was over, the rest was easy, straightforward, and went very quickly. I thought about giving them away as a Christmas present, but everyone who I hadn’t already planned to knit something up for would not appreciate them, so they are staying right here, where they belong.

And before the left gauntlet even had time to dry on the blocking board, I had already cast on for another project, and gotten the needles out and pattern printed for the second. The first project that has made it onto my needles is a tea cozy. A bit of an odd project for me, as I don’t normally like to knit for my home, but once I saw this version of the pattern, I couldn’t resist.

Stunning, no?

Also, the yarn for my German Stockings by Cookie A. arrived in the mail this afternoon, and we all know I can’t resist new yarn. My undyed Plymouth Happy Feet skeins looked too tempting sitting there in the bag, so I wound them up, and cast on the first stocking. This pattern printed out with 8 pages total, and there is a lot of work involved with them, but I don’t plan on making them my vanilla sock that I carry around with me either, so it works out well. I’m sure that once Snowdrop is off the needles that I’ll appreciate the challenge.

And speaking of Snowdrop, because I know you are curious, no, it isn’t finished. But that’s by choice. I picked up all the stitches last night, and began the edging this afternoon, but I just love the pattern, and I like the way it knit so much that I didn’t want to knit it all up in one go – it didn’t seem fair somehow, to have something that I enjoy that much be raced to the FO side of things, so I am taking my time with it, enjoying a few repeats here, a few repeats there. I’m sure that it will be completed before the end of the weekend, but then I can at least say I dragged it out a few days and made it last, right?

And by the way folks, for those of you keeping track at home, that makes a total of 4 projects on the needles at once for me, plus I have a pair of plain vanilla socks going too. A little out of the norm, is it not? I don’t know what’s up with me and multiple projects these days, but it’s mind boggling how much I’ve been getting done, even with all this stuff going on around me. It’s like I’ve turned into a little knitting machine or something! So, time to grease the wheels and get back to work, there’s still a couple more hours until I need to hit the hay!