This will be a (blessidly) short and sweet blog post (I hope). I simply want to share with you that after 2 days of being stuck to my chair while my back heals, I managed to crank out the second Alpaca Dad Sock. It started with only 2 rows of ribbing done on the cuff, and ended this morning with me finishing the toe and grafting it shut.

And please, take note in this picture how very little yarn I had left after completion. We’re talking maybe at most, 3-4 yards of yarn left. Whew! What a close call! I didn’t feel at all guilty throwing all of those little scraps out in the garbage either. I usually do, because well, I hate to throw out yarn, but honestly, it was such a teeny amount, that I couldn’t have done anything with, that I decided just to rid myself of it and be done with it already. These were done in my plain sock recipe pattern, a 1.5 inch, 2×2 ribbed cuff, the leg length was 8 inches total, my typical garter stitch heel flap, normal heel turn, and straight stockinette the rest of it.

The yarn, well, the yarn you simply have to try. It was DROPS 100% Alpaca fingering weight, and it was dreamy and heavenly to work with. I’m not sure how well they’ll wear, but I know they are going to the home of another knitter, so I can trust that at least Mom will wash them properly (which is hand wash only, but you probably already know that), so they will be appreciated as long as they last. The yarn is buttery soft to work with, doesn’t shed too much, and produces a fabric that is so soft and bouncy that it’s kind of beyond imagination. I am planning on picking up two balls of the baby blue for myself, because I think we all need a pair of socks that just feels like heaven when you put them on.

And in one more piece of news, the yarn for Mom’s Christmas present came the other night! I don’t know if any of you remember, but I ran out of yarn, and the pattern being what it is, was too difficult to rip out and pick back up, and well, I think I would have died if I had to tink back stitch by stitch to where I could pick up and start knitting again. I decided to ask the dyer to dye me up another skein, which she so obligingly did (and I will properly recognize her, as well as this piece after my Mom has opened it on Christmas), and I am now in the process of knitting the last of this project with it. The yarn was an almost identical match, being only a bit more red than the original that I have, but oh! It’s still beautiful! And I’m so glad to be knitting on this project again! My conscious was starting to give me a bit of a headache with all the nagging it was doing about all my WIP’s.

So, that’s it. Until I finish this project, or complete the second of Neil’s socks, I really have nothing to share with you. My shoulder is stiff, but I’m hoping tomorrow morning’s visit to the chiropractor will solve some of those problems. I’m still on no-dusting, vaccuuming and dish duty until it heals (aww…shucks!) so it’s leaving lots of time for knitting (yay!) which means I should be able to crank out all of my Christmas projects by the middle of October if I keep at it! Yay for progress!