Because if he doesn’t have a pair already, or one coming his way this Christmas, you may want to consider reworking your Christmas knitting schedule so that you can make him my newest sock pattern, the Gravel Grid socks. These socks are so named for the fact that they look gravel-ly and well, are worked in a grid pattern. It reminds me of one of those Japanese zen gardens with the sand, where the rake has been dragged across the pebbles in a grid design. Pleasing to the eye, and very simple to knit, these socks will whip along, especially if dragged everywhere, and worked on a few rows at a time (or, do what I did, and spend a few hours in front of the television and knit them in huge chunks).

And did I mention that this pattern is for free? Go to and look me up, wcknitwit, and download the pattern PDF file. This pattern can be easily adapted to fit just about anyone, though the pattern size given is for an average man’s sized foot. This pattern is probably best suited to solid or semi-solid yarns, as the pattern is pure texture. And the pattern is very mindless too, and easily kept track of, so they’re great for taking on the go, and for knitting for your man in all those dull, boring colors that we hate to knit socks in. A few nights watching those new shows that are out right now, or a couple of movie nights, and a few outings to Starbucks will definitely help to make the process go by quickly!

I think the thing that makes me most happy about these socks, is that I got to finish the first one! This is day number 4 of dealing with some serious back pain, radiating out of my left shoulder blade. It started about lunch time on Saturday, while out running errands, and kept me down for the rest of the weekend, including through my baby shower on Sunday (at which by the way, I got many hand-knit and crocheted, and even sewn baby items), and had me positively whimpering yesterday. My doctor gave me the green-light to go to a chiropractor if the pain kept on after a 20 minute visit with my heating pad, and some serious rubbing from Neil, which made matters worse, not better.

This morning, Dr. Clarke became my best friend in the world when he discovered that somehow, I had managed to push an entire rib out of place, and the pain was from all the muscles slowly but surely tightening and swelling around the sight. It took him only 5 minutes of pushing me into weird positions for me to hear the most sickening, bone-chilling sound as my rib popped back into place. For a split second, I was seeing stars, it hurt, but then, I was filled with the most complete and total sense of relief, as the pain dramatically decreased to something that was definitley manageable. I was then instructed to ice on and off all day today, and to come back Friday for one more adjustment.

Considering that this back injury was enough to keep me from knitting the last three days tells you just how uncomfortable I really was. But now, I’m happily knitting away again, propped up in my rocking chair with a straight back and only small projects that can be knit close to my body, yes, but happily knitting away again I am indeed! I can only hope that tomorrow I will feel all that much better, because I’m designing a shrug for Morgan out of the leftovers of my Marble Chunky yarn that I used to knit my bolero out of. I found the perfect lace pattern to plug into it, and I want to see how it knits up very, very badly!

Now…I’m off to find another ice pack, and lean back and knit on the second of Dad’s Alpaca sock!