And into the frying pan. That’s the way that old saying goes, isn’t it? Getting yourself out of one hot spot, and right back into another. *insert nervous laughter here*

I was hoping by this time, I would be able to show you a picture of my finished Alpaca Dad socks, and maybe even a completed Mushroom Sock for Neil, but no.

The first Mushroom Sock is lacking the remaining 2 inches of the foot and the toe, despite how much I carry it around with me and work on it.

And since I finished the first sock, and cast on for the second, the Alpaca Dad socks have been neglected as well.

I do have some genuinely good excuses for neglecting these two projects over the last couple days. I had to get blood work done to make sure I’m not anemic anymore, the Mushroom Sock’s heel flap was worked over too many stitches and had to be ripped out and started again, I worked yesterday night, then went to prenatal class with Neil, and then today, all before 10:30am, I had the house tidied, the floors vacuumed, our sheets washed, dried, and put back on the bed, all the summer clothes packed away and the winter ones dragged out, the dishes done, the kitchen cleaned, and even the bathroom counter and mirror were whiped clean again. But what I am about to show you, well, it’s not a good excuse. It’s the frying pan to be exact, as Hey, Teach was the perverbial pot.

That is a 50% or so complete Cloud Bolero shrug designed by Ysolda Teague, knit up in Marble Chunky on my 8mm KnitPicks options needles. Definitely does NOT qualify as completed Christmas knitting, and it definitely, definitely does NOT qualify as time well spent. I have cheated on both of my projects for other people with this bolero, and I haven’t even looked at the Christmas present for Mom that is still on the needles. Yes, the yarn should be here hopefully next week, or the week after, and then I can look at it seriously, but darnit, I feel guilty when I don’t at least go to where it’s hiding, look at it, and promise it that I will finish work on it just as soon as the yarn comes in…

Like I said…pot to frying pan. 4 projects on the go at once. What kind of two-timing knitter have I become? I used to be the kind of knitter who only ever had one, maybe two projects on the go at one time, three at the most if both the others were challenging, and I needed something simple like a stockinette sock to be able to carry around with me, but then, I never really considered the stockinette sock a project either, just busy work in my idle moments.

The only way I’m convincing myself that this isn’t wrong, is by telling myself that if I get the bolero completed by 2pm on Sunday, I can have a nice new piece to wear to my baby shower, and wouldn’t that be nice? I deserve to wear something nice and shiny and new don’t I?

Okay, don’t answer that. I can read your minds from here, and I’ll go and work on the men’s socks now.