And I can give you finished knitting projects.

Aphrodite socks and the Yarn Harlot’s Hat Recipe touque are finished, and so is the back for the Hey Teach cardigan. Not bad for a couple days, huh?

Here’s the thing, a few weeks ago I posted that I was starting to feel the time crunch with Baby on the way, but at 30 weeks, and all those projects long behind me, I am now feeling the boredom and impatience of the third trimester. The baby is moving constantly in my stomach, it’s growing at the right rate, and I’m always aware of what’s going on, and that’s wonderful, I think that once I have the baby, I will probably miss the feeling of it moving around in my stomach, but right now, it’s all I can do to contain myself. My hands must stay constantly busy right now, because it’s the only thing that’s keeping me from wigging out about how much I want the baby here, right now.

So yeah, if you see a lot of small, completed objects being finished in the next few weeks, you know why. I’m going absolutely crazy over here.