And I now have the song from Wizard of Oz stuck in my head… great.

But that’s how I feel things are going on around here, a little snip snip here, and my bedroom gets cleaned out, the nursery rearranged, and curtains hung. A little snip snip there, and I take a bunch of books I know I won’t read again to the Bookman here in town, and get like $72 worth of credit for my account. Another snip snip and I delete a bunch of WIP photos from my Flickr account so that I am using the least amount possible (because apparently, once you hit 200 photos, you have to upgrade to their Pro account, which isn’t free….). So yeah, my Flickr account is for Finished Objects only pictures, and only a select few projects get more than one photo now… I may have to bite the bullet and upgrade my account in a year or two, but for now, I’ve pared down so I can keep it for free.

But at the same time, as soon as something leaves this house, something else gets brought in. Like oh um, the three projects I’ve started in the last week or so… nothing major… just a big case of Startitis….

Aphrodite socks remain uncompleted, though I’m not daunted by this. They’re a pair of socks, I never rush socks unless it’s for SKA, which these are not. The only thing that is a little daunting is the fact that I kind of need that Addi Turbo needle. I’m debating whether to finish the sock, or to put it onto waste yarn and leave it for now.

My Fixations baby socks are complete. One ball of Fixations yielded one hat each, plus enough yarn left over for one full pair of socks, and enough to make one pair of color blocked baby socks too. Not bad for $5 a ball!

I’ve begun a Yarn Harlot Hat Recipe #2 hat for Morgan, but again, this project isn’t being rushed or anything. It’s my carry around and work on it when I have nothing else to do kind of project, like for today when I venture out to my doctor’s appointment that I will have to wait about 1.5 hours for it start once I get downtown (I’m cursing the bus system and it’s accomdation of high school kids in the afternoon). I’m using Patons Classic Wool and 3.5mm DPN’s.

But the biggest new thing on my needles is Hey Teach – a cardigan, for myself. Because what I really needed right now was another WIP… And probably one that won’t fit until after I stop breast feeding too… Yeah, I know. Maybe wasn’t the smartest project to start right now, but I was getting really, really sick and tired of all the socks, hats, and little things that I was doing. I wanted a project with some staying power, and yet, I wasn’t ready to tackle a big sweater for Neil yet either (though that will be coming up soon too). So for about 48 hours I flipped through Interweave magazines, and scoured the Ravelry pattern database until I saw Hey Teach, which is a free Knitty pattern.

I’ve seen Hey Teach before, the Yarn Harlot made one, and I looked at all the other versions of the sweater, and decided I really couldn’t do any wrong with it. If I do finish it before I have the baby, I’ll be able to wear it while pregnant (I don’t plan on putting in the bottom buttons) and it’ll be a nice spring cardigan, because it’s made from cotton, and it’s lacey and light, and the color I’ve chosen, Country Taupe is neutral enough to go with just about everything in my wardrobe. Besides, the fact that I’m making a sweater makes me happy, and that has to be reason enough, doesn’t it?

The price tag for this sweater was irresistable too. I chose Bernat Cottontots 100% cotton (and yes, I’m accomodating for the stretch the sweater may experience by shortening the bottom part a bit), and I bought an extra ball, just in case. Even with the extra ball in there, the total cost of the sweater has come in at a reasonable $30.82…and really, can you argue with that? That’s less than I would probably pay for a cardigan like this in stores, if I could ever find a cardigan like this in stores. So, I’m telling myself that despite all the reasons I shouldn’t knit it right now, that it’s still a good idea nonetheless. Please hope that none of these reasons come back to bite me in the butt…

I’m still waiting on the yarn for the only Christmas present that’s in the works right now to come in, so I’ve got plenty to keep me busy until that comes, and with only one pair of socks and a hat and a pair of mittens left on my might-happen but it’s okay if it doesn’t Christmas list, I’m feeling fairly confident that I can still bring a lot of joy to people this Christmas with my hand knits, and enjoy some stuff for myself as well. So, a nasty case of Startitis I might have, but I also forsee a lot of finished objects in the future.