Well, mine certainly didn’t turn out that way!

Shortly after writing my post on Sunday, I went outside to fill up my bird feeder, and as I was removing it from the hook, it suddenly occured to me that I still had a little visitor, hopping around on the ground. At first, I thought it was an injured bird, so I coaxed it towards me, and attempted to scoop it up for a better look. After carefully ascertaining that there were no breaks in wings, nor feet, I got Neil to take pictures.

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It was just simply a lone, albeit brave, Pine Siskun, out for some seeds. I let it go from my hands after the first two pictures, then came back with the camera a few minutes later to get better pictures for identification. It was the coolest experience I’ve ever had, and I was absolutely tickled pink!

The rest of the day was spent at Ikea, then back at home, roasting a chicken for dinner that night. For the first time, I made gravy from the meat juices, and it was pretty darned good! My mother-in-law is awesome for giving me help at 9pm at night! I then called my grandmother after dinner, and got her advice on how to make her chicken and rice soup, and started that as well.

The next day, I finished the soup, as well as a giant pot of chicken chili, and made three containers full of tomato sauce. Why so much cooking and freezing? Post-baby meals of course! I decided to make life a bit easier for me for those first few weeks, when I won’t be able to tell day from night, and energy for cooking dinner? Are you kidding? I’ve never had a baby before; I’ve lived with a toddler/young child for about a year now, but I’ve heard from everyone that nothing throws your system out of whack faster than feeding every hour, and trying to catch some zzz’s in between. Freezer meals seemed to be everyone’s top suggestion, so I obeyed.

I also finished Neil’s scarf, though for a picture you’ll have to look at the sidebar and click on the photo. He really doesn’t like it, but since I had to use Flickr to upload it to ravelry, it’s showing up on the side! I promised him I wouldn’t put it on the blog, but I’m not removing the photostream for a few days just for the purpose of saving him a bit of embarrassment. He put pictures of Morgan and I doing yoga on Facebook for crying out loud, he can stand one picture of him in a scarf for my blog readers. I’m very happy with the end result of the scarf, I love how the texture and color really do work together to make it look like riverrocks. I think I might be picking up a skein of my own for a scarf soon, although I’ll be getting it in a more colorful colorway.

It’s my last day off today before I work 4 in a row, and only 2 days before my first prenatal class! We have a busy day though, meeting up with Morgan’s kindergarten teacher, and then some sort of frozen goods treat afterwards are on the agenda. The little munchkin doesn’t start school until next week because of some sort of integrated entry program, but she’s elated nonetheless. Morgan is definitely one of those kids who will probably always like school, and always get along with the other kids. At least, I hope so, because it would be terrible if she had to go through what I went through! Pictures will definitely follow!