Anyone who really knows me, knows that I treasure lazy Sunday mornings. I love to get up early, before anyone else is awake, and spend a quiet hour or two by myself, enjoying the stillness and the quiet. In the summer, I sometimes make a cup of tea and go outside and sit down and watch the birds come and go from my feeder. In the fall, I stand at the window and look out for awhile, admiring the change of colors and maybe listening to the sound of the rain falling. In the wintertime, I turn on the fireplace and savor the warmth, and in the spring, well, sometimes I indulge in all three. This morning, I made myself a cup of hot Earl Grey (my only caffeinated cup of tea today) and sat down at my rocking chair to begin a scarf for Neil.

This scarf was originally intended to be a Christmas gift, but something told me it shouldn’t be. My mother is probably reading this and snickering, thinking it’s because I can’t keep a secret, but that’s not it. Something just didn’t feel Christmas-y about it, and I decided it should just be a “because I love you” kind of scarf. So this morning, I wound the ball of yarn up, and began the scarf. I’m using Estelle Yarn’s Wooly Bully, and I am in love with it. There are times when mindless garter stitch is enough to drive a girl mad, and then there are times when it’s soothing and appropriate, like this morning.

This picture makes the yarn look more brown than it actually is, but take my word for it, color number 0736 is more variagated greys than browny-greys. I’ve nicknamed the yarn “River rocks” because I think it’s the perfect combination of greys that you find in the rocks at the bottom of a river or creek. I love the way the different thicknesses lay together in the knitting, it’s so intriguing!

You’ll notice I’m also working on a sock pattern, Aphrodite socks are their name, free pattern through Ravelry. There are two ways to make the sock, with each foot having the pattern taper in towards the big toe, or symmetrical, so either sock can be worn on either foot, and I’ve decided to make each sock taper. This sock, while not hard, is not as easy as some lacey socks that I’ve done, and it requires more attention since there are lots of knit through the back of the loop and stuff like that. Beautiful results, but be prepared to pay attention! Lots of shifting around of stitches too, read the directions carefully!

I hope you too are enjoying your Sunday morning. I’ve just finished my bowl of oatmeal, and I’m about to indulge in a second cup of tea (this one decaf for the baby), and continue on with my scarf. Let’s hope that Neil likes it, he’s not even up yet!