Well, Sunday morning we took off for our family cabins bright and early. We left the house before 6:30am, and we arrived around 11am. It would have been sooner, except for Neil’s dirt bike falling off the trailor just outside of Lytton, BC! We drove all the way to Cache Creek with our hearts in our throats as we passed over bumpy and poorly-maintained highway in some spots, then we stopped and bought 4 more ratcheting straps for the bike. In about 15 minutes, we were back on the road, our hearts lighter, as we now had straps designed to hold down about 2500 pounds holding down about 150 pounds of dirt bike. Hey, better safe than sorry, right?!

We arrived at the cabins, and Neil and I quickly set about unpacking so he could attend to his dirt bike. Morgan went of course, to the swings, and to hang out with Auntie Jo and Uncle Ted. She had a blast being oohed and aahed over, and discovered she could go a lot higher on the swings now. Neil meanwhile, fixed the damage to his bike in about 30 minutes, and then we set off for Clinton for the family fun day. I wish I could say I remembered to bring the camera, but I didn’t. Neil got some great pictures of Morgan in a bouncy castle, with water guns, and going for a horse back ride on his phone however, and I’ll see what I can do about getting those from him for my next post. Meanwhile, the following pictures of finished Tea and Scandal socks, feeding horses, Neil on his bike, and a couple other assorted photos will have to suffice to sum up the very short weekend!

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