I planned this week to be fairly productive. I was only working 4 shifts this week, one of them only 4 hours long, and almost all of them ending before 4:30 in the afternoon, which leaves me several productive knitting hourse in the evening, and Neil was working his first turn at midnight shifts, which meant that Morgan and I would be home by ourselves in the evenings. I was fairly confident that I could finish the last Christmas present this week before I started on the next round of them, until last week, as I was knitting my way through the half-way point in the edging, I looked down and realized that I was going to run out of yarn.

Now, this project is not something I could just go and pick back easily, or even rip back, so I stuck it in my bedroom closet to think about what it’s done until I could decide what to do with it. Of course, I’ve used a hand-dye for it, and when I finally decided that I would order another skein to finish it with, I realized that the yarn was no longer available. Uh-oh. Good thing the dyer is a wonderful, kind, and generous woman! When I contacted her about the possibility of dying me up another skein, well, she agreed to. I will have a lot of yarn left over when I’m done with this project, but in this house, that’s never a bad thing. Ms. Dyer-Extrodinaire, you know who you are. Thank you, you’re wonderful! So, I’ll have to wait a bit for the new yarn to come in, but that’s okay, I have had other things to keep me busy!

Like, another Fixations baby hat:

And that blanket that I wanted to make to use up the rest of the Bernat Baby Sport yarn I had lying around:

I also started the Tea and Scandal Socks by VeryBusyMonkey, and the first one is finished, and I’m almost finished Clue #1 on the second sock. I only made two modifications to the whole sock, the first being that I omitted the ribbing, I wanted a lacey top, so I did one row of the ribbing to set up for the chart, and then went straight to Row 1. The second modification that I made was on the toe. The instructions called to do decreasing ever second row until there were at total of 28 stitches, and then graft the toe, but it ended up being too short for my foot, as predicted, even though I knit to the 2 inches shorter than the length of my foot as directed in the pattern. VeryBusyMonkey must have very short toes if this works for her, but I being a long-toed being, decided to decrease to the 28 sts on alternate rows, then I decreased every row until there were 16 sts, and then grafted it. Perfect fit!

I haven’t done a sock pattern in awhile that I was completely enamoured with, but these socks certainly fit the bill. The charts are nicely laid out (though I did find one mistake on one of them, but it was easily corrected), and the sock itself seems to go quickly when broken up in to clues like this. I decided to make the socks after seeing two of my Ravelry friends make them, and I loved they way they turned out. When I printed out the pattern, and showed it to my boyfriend, I asked him which yarn I should use, and held up a bag of sock yarns. He went straight for the yarn I was thinking about using too – a Knit Picks palette yarn in a nice light mossy green. I had to laugh when I pulled them out of the zip-lock and saw the name of the yarn. “Green Tea.” I was sold! I cast them on immediately, and haven’t looked back!

Knitting wise, it’s been up and down, but emotionally for me, it’s been worse this week. On Monday, I will be 28 weeks along, and officially in my third trimester. About two weeks back however, my energy started to abandon me. I’m now in bed before 10 every night, pretty much without fail, and up every morning before 7, usually though, in between 6:15 and 6:30am. I am starting to require naps in the middle of the day again, and long days at work have me wiped. I did my last two shifts stocking the over the counter items at our pharmacy this week, and I couldn’t be happier to see them pass by. I have had a love-hate relationship with those shifts. I enjoy them for the fact that I get to avoid talking to grumpy customers and patients, getting constantly asked why a medication isn’t covered, and listening to people complain about the prices of the medications they take. Instead, I can work happily at my own pace, putting the items away, and I can micro-manage and perfectionist to my heart’s content. If a section looks bad, I can clean it up if I have time. But in the process, I get filthy. And I mean filthy. My coat is permanently stained in a few places from the dust and dirt on the boxes and products, and the bending over, crouching, lifting, and moving large things around was getting very difficult and uncomfortable. I am happy to see them go now, and I can focus on doing pharmacy work, which is really what I prefer anyways.

But what a trade off! I’m back in the pharmacy, yes, but now it means I will be working with our new technician, who is nosey, bossy, rude, obnoxious, and is a total slacker. She passes work off on other people, avoids doing simple tasks that are part of her job, and is generally unpleasant to work with. There’s a rumor that she may be leaving us soon, but I’ll believe it when I see it. She is nothing if not stubborn, and when she gets it in her head that she’s worked her fair share of say, the counter, or filing, she puts it away, and cannot be persuaded to do it again, not even by her boss. I have a feeling that I will be picking up a lot of slack, doing a lot more multi-tasking, and cleaning up a lot of messes at the request of my boss (because she knows that I won’t tell her no…). Should be interesting.

And my step-daughter. Oh boy, my step-daughter. I love Morgan, I want you all to know that, but there is something about her keen intelligence that has me in tears some days. She knows that I am not her mother, and she loves to test the boundaries with me more than anyone. I think it honestly delights her to see me frustrated, and though I do my best not to show it, today, I finally cracked. We had a bad evening yesterday. I got off work at 4:30 and we went home, and she immediately got into things. Her version of tidying her room was to shove everything in her closet until it crashed against the doors and burst out. Her idea of brushing her teeth was smearing toothpaste all over her mouth. AND, she decided that when she accidentally got her own poo on her hands, not to wipe it off on some toilet paper or one of her wipes, but to put it on the wall instead. There were also numerous other little things that she did all night to test me, and by the time she was in bed, I was exhausted emotionally.

Today as well, she pushed the buttons. Even with Neil around, she proceeded to disobey me deliberately to my face. Mom always says that when kids get into this kind of mood to  do something to “change the mood.” It was something my grandmother did too, so I tried. It was pouring rain, so the park and a walk were out, so I thought…Playdough! She hasn’t played with that in months! I took the table cloth and placemats off, placed it on the table, and let her go to town. I happily sat down to an episode of Rachel Ray and my Tea and Scandal socks, and looked over now and then to see her happily playing away.

Then, she comes out of the kitchen, and I get worried. I watched her take a (clean) tea towel over to the table and squash some playdough into it, and that’s when I lost it. The playdough went away, the table got scrubbed off, and she went into time-out while I cleaned up. And then, I went over to talk to her about why she was being punished when I burst into tears. And then she of course, burst into tears. I realized how much of a cow I was being (too little, too late, I know) and so we made up and hugged, and we had ice cream, and hugged some more.

She’s been an angel ever since. I guess we were both getting frustrated with each other and needed to get it out of our systems, and consuming sugar and chocolate on top of it all doesn’t really hurt either. And tonight for dinner, I’m making Chef Boyardee. Because really, we just wanted it. I was going to be good step-mom and make a healthy dinner, but I think my super-charged hormonal self and her confused-with-how-to-deal-with-her-own-emotions five year old earned a night of indulgence.

And now, I’m going to cut the blabber on this ridiculously long post. After 8pm you’ll find me in a lavender bath, calming down, and her, well, hopefully, fast asleep, so we can start over tomorrow morning. Peace out!