After trying to keep journaling in my old bound, lined journal (which I really wasn’t loving), I was getting frustrated. The pages crinkled in a bad way when I painted them, the lines interrupted my plans and lettering, and the markers I got bled right through the thin sheets, and I hated the way it never wanted to lie open properly, even when I smoothed the pages down. I was out and about in the book store the other day, and came across Chapter’s solution to the Moleskin for Canada – it’s called a Piccadilly, and it’s a black, hard cover bound journal with unlined paper in it, and an elastic band to keep it closed. I’m busy collaging the front, but I won’t share until I have it finished.

I’m waiting on an order of printed masking tape (which I’ve been humming and hawing over whether or not to buy it) for a couple weeks now. I wanted something to finish edges mostly, and I really, really hate clear celophane tape for the job. So, it’s been sitting on my living room floor, along with a bunch of other journalling supplies, so that when I get a brain wave about what else I want to do to it, I can quickly sweep in, put on the embelishment, and then go back to what I was doing. Like this morning, when I figured out how I was going to sew on the dragonfly charm I had. I didn’t have an awl, and I didn’t want to use the drill on my cover, but I wanted to sew this charm on, not glue it. I got a brainwave when I opened my sewing basket, thinking maybe I could use a sewing needle to poke a hole, and saw my seam ripper.

For all those sewers out there, probably cringing right now, please, take comfort. This seam ripper was a cheap, .50 seam ripper that came in a kit with a tape measure, set of pins, and pin cushion, and this seam ripper has not ripped a seam in years. It graduated to the take of “awl” today, when it successfully poked two holes through the cover, and the charm got sewed on.

My evening got even better when I checked the mail, and saw this in my mailbox:

It was a thank you from Hope from Paper Relics for joining her art journaling e-course! Complete with “This Journal Belongs to” plate, a note card, and a cute little do-dad which will probably get collaged into my new journal now. Well Hope, thank YOU (again!), and I will definitely be posting images of the new journal when the cover is finished!