Okay, I know some of you may be confused as to why this is happening, a big move, and made pretty suddenly. But trust me, it’s for the better.

I have been having issues with Blogger for awhile now, and even though I had a short victory with their theme designer, it wasn’t enough to keep me there. There were login issues, commenting issues, and posting issues that were driving me up the wall. And customer support was less than helpful. I have had several friends recommend to me that I change my blog provider over to WordPress, and finally, after researching my options, I decided to. It was easy to figure out how to export all my old posts, and to set them up here, and I’m glad I did it. Now, I’ve got a fresh start, and a new canavs in which to work on!

So, update your links if you’ve bookmarked my blog, and follow me here from now on. And please, bear with me while I figure out a whole new blogging system from scratch. I was with Blogger for three years before this move, so things like theme, colors, and overall appearence may change as I have a chance to play with them and figure out how it works.