Okay…call me obsessed, but I can’t stop.

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Some of these are the journalling prompts from the Nostalgic Musings journalling e-class that I’m taking (click on the link on the side of the page to learn more about Hope and her journals and classes), and some are simply pages I did of my own accord. I have picked up some new materials that I have been very inspired by, including paper doilies (loved seeing them in Hope’s journals, so I hunted for them), and some pastel colored permanent markers. They bleed through the pages when I don’t have anything else on them, but that’s easy to remedy with some decorative pictures or pasting doily scraps over top of those sections.

I loved that she shared her art journals online for people to see, but kept some stuff private, so I opted to do the same…enter in folding flaps, small envelops, and cards that I picked up at the dollar store (see the bottom two images) that I paste onto the page, and then write in. No one can see but me, and I plan on putting a tab on it later when everything is dry (since when did white school glue take FOREVER to dry??) that says “private” in case someone I know wants to flip through it, but I don’t want them reading anything. I have water colored the background of several pages, and I love the effect it gives… even though this is cheap paper and really not designed to take paint, it makes the texture of it irresistible to write on. It crinkles like old papers, and when I’m having a few moments of stagnant thought, I simply flip the pages back and forth to make that sound, and inspiration comes back within minutes.

I have been working on my knitting, but I still can’t show you. It’s Christmas knitting. Yes, things are progressing nicely!

I also went on a hike to Othello Tunnels with my parents, Neil, and Morgan last weekend, and we had a blast! I wanted to share a couple of my favorite images. It brought tears to my eyes several times during the hike when I would see my Dad holding Morgan’s hand, or running with her. I’m blaming the hormones, but really, it was just damned cute and touching.

P7250114 P7250121

 P7250134 P7250098

Neil of course is nowhere to be seen…always behind the camera, never in front of the lens that man!

And, in a little less than an hour and a half, I will officially be 6 months pregnant! How the HECK did the time escape me so quickly??!!! I’m definitely glad that I’ve begun chronicling things better with these journals, it makes me feel good that I’m preserving a lot of memories that are happening. I’m still keeping up with my regular scrap booking though, for big events like this I will scrap book them rather than journal about them, I think both the scrap books and the blog are enough… my journals are being kept as a more personal log, rather than a life one.

Okay, enough blabber out of me, it’s late, and I work another long day tomorrow. Not looking forward to it, but only a few months longer before I have a whole year away from that place! Nighty-night!