On the evening of my birthday, I got a phone call that gave me some serious perspective about my pregnancy. Due to privacy reasons, I won’t tell you what the call was about, only it’s effect on me.

That phone call made me realize that no matter the aches, pains, or discomforts associated with my pregnancy, I am very, VERY fortunate to still be pregnant. This is my first ever pregnancy, and it has been an easy one. Morning sickness was non-existent, I have been able to keep working, my blood sugars are normal, and I crave relatively healthy foods, with only a side of junk now and then. I have been able to stay well hydrated, and except for one nasty flu that had me in emerg twice in three days, well, I’d say I’m doing pretty well.

I am blessed to have stayed pregnant, to have had no complications, and to have a wonderful support system around me. Ever since that evening, I have cherished each kick, roll, somersault, and bump that I have felt in my belly even more. I am thankful that the fates have decided to let me keep my baby, and I don’t think I will ever forget this lesson. If there is a God, or a goddess out there, you have my attention. Thank you.