Over the weekend, another woman has joined the ranks of the few, the proud, the brave. The Knitters. Everyone, meet Chelsea:


She was one of those people who is a pleasure to teach. She learns fast, is very independent, and only freaked out at stuff that even some seasoned knitters still freak out at (dropped stitches, why is there a hole in my knitting?) and I only need to show her the cable-cast on stitch twice before she cast on the remaining 18, and the knit stitch only twice as well, before she was doing it herself. Yes, her tension went from loose and wonderful to kevlar-tight, but that’s to be expected. If she keeps knitting like this, she’ll be pumping out dishcloths and squares for an afgan soon! By the time she left she had several inches knitted on those Harmony needles of hers – a Christmas present last year, along with a pair of my hand knit socks (I figured it’d be the best way to convert her.. get her wanting more socks, and then BAM! teach her how to knit, and she’s hooked!), and they were fabulous needles to teach on. I am definitely getting myself a few sets of their circulars for shawls and the like.

And while she worked away on that, I was well on my way towards finishing the End of May Mittens.


I finished them on the Sunday, but blocking and drying took awhile. You may note that there appears to be some color bleeding into the white. Well, that’s because there was. I managed to save most of the white by dumping in some vinegar last second, then rinsing away the dye in cold water, but it is my fault for not putting vinegar in the blocking water in the first place. There is even enough of this yarn left over that I could probably get a patterned brim like the flower on the back of the mitten for a hat, and then knit the rest in solid, though I’m not really a big hat wearer. Maybe a head band to cover up my ears? Hmmm..brain storming is happening!

Which means now, I’m left with only my Christmas knitting again, which, for some reason, I have been neglecting. I finished these mittens on Sunday, but I haven’t knit a thing since. If I want to make that deadline though, I’d better get working! Only 18 weeks left or so until Peanut is born…and then after that, I hardly think I’ll have a chance to work on the projects! No more slacking for me…I’m putting my nose to the grind stone now…every other project can wait!