After a discussion with a friend who has been spinning awhile, (and learning more from her in one email than I have ever learned since I started to learn to spin), I decided to give that red roving (which, apparently IS roving afterall!) another go. I was going to say another spin, but well, I’m pretty sure that joke was so bad, I would get rotten vegetables thrown at me if I were on stage. I especially got excited when another Craigslist search brought up a very wonderful discovery.

On Monday night, that’s tomorrow people, that will be mine. It will be in MY living room. I will be learning how to spin on THAT. I *so* need to find that contact again for the local spinner’s guild so someone can teach me how to use it….

I also discovered that my drop spindle is perhaps a wee bit too big and clunky for the kind of spinning I wanted to do. SO, I will probably be making a trip to the dollar store and hardware store to build myself a new one. I’m going to get dowling, a wooden toy car wheel, a couple washers, some stain, and some sandpaper. When I’m done, perhaps I will have a wonderful new drop spindle. Or, I could have a total mess. We’ll see!