So a few years ago, when I still lived in the States, I made a purchase of a low whorl drop spindle and some plain, white wool roving, and learned how to spin. I made a pretty good effort out of it too, and after only one lesson and a few tries, I came up with this.


It was a fairly even first single ply, and it was somewhere between sport and worsted on the weight scale. I was pretty damned proud of myself, but money was tight, and the drop spindle went into storage until a few months after I moved out of my ex’s place and back in with my folks. Then, a trip to a yarn shop in Langley (now moved back to White Rock, called Knitopia) saw me walking out with this.


An unknown weight of what I thought was roving. Now, when I say that I “thought” it was roving, I am not saying that because I was a beginner, and made the mistake that all fluffy lengths of fiber were roving. No, I thought it was roving because the lady who sold it to me told me it was roving. I even knew about the existence of “top” and “roving” and specifically asked for “roving” because I was a beginner. I tried to spin it up in the next few days, and I wondered why the skill that had come so easily to me months before was not coming so easily at all now, and put it away.

So, fast forward two years later, to today, when I decide to dig my “roving” out and maybe give it a whorl (excuse the pun!) again, when I have a stroke of genius. What if my roving isn’t roving, but instead top? I found an end, pulled away, and sure enough! It was difficult to pull apart, and the fibers pulled out in two square shaped ends, not triangular like roving would have been. I’d been duped two years ago, and I only just discovered this. Talk about having a “d’oh!” moment!

So…my drop spindle will continue to collect dust, because I have tried and failed on this fiber to spin it, and I just can’t make heads or tails of it. It doesn’t pull apart or even pull out easily at all, and unless I want a super, super, SUPER bulky yarn that’s not enough to make a mitten for a flea out of, well, the fiber will too. *insert disappointed sigh here*

So, I’ve come up with a proposition. Does anyone out there want to purchase this top from me? Or do a top-for-roving exchange? This is good fiber (merino if my memory serves me correctly), and the colors are brighter than the picture above shows. I’d love to see it go to a good home, since mine will provide nothing for it (except the doom to end up stuffed in a grocery bag for years at the bottom of my stash basket. Hardly a worthy fate, if I do say so myself), and I’d especially love to see it go to a blog reader. If you want to buy it from me, I’d take $12 CND, since I paid about twice that two years ago. If you want to to swap, I only ask that you PLEASE make sure it is roving first, and not top. If I end up with top again this soon, it might end my lust for spinning for forever.