So after all those big, long blog posts, you may be surprised by how small this one is. But I have nothing to say, nothing to show… I am still knitting of course, but it has been on Christmas presents, therefore, picture taking and sharing is prohibited. All I can say is things are going along very well, particularly on the biggest project. I have put a lot of time and effort into it because well, quite frankly, I want to make more stuff for me!

What I can share is this. On Wednesday, I saw my regular doctor for the first time in this pregnancy. She has been off on maternity leave herself for the last 4 months, and has come back half way through mine, and will be delivering my baby. Everything looks good from the ultrasound last week; 10 fingers, 10 toes, all the organs the right size, in the right place, all the good stuff. Baby is doing very well, and i have put on weight in the right increments and amounts. Except for when I spend an 8 hour shift on my feet and moving around pretty much non-stop and get some slightly swollen ankles, everything is happy, healthy and hunky-dory.

Peanut is kicking, somersaulting, and doing yoga poses inside my belly, I can feel it constantly when I sit still, though nothing still when I’m up and about – probably because I AM up and about. I decided to take a belly shot, seeing as how I’m now at 20 weeks, and halfway through my gestation.

20weeks 20weeks1 20weeks2

Thanks again to my wonderful spouse, Neil, for taking the pictures when he probably would have rather been relaxing in front of the television. And now…back to the secret knitting!