I wish that’s what I would be celebrating with the launch of my latest creation, the Sunflower Hand Warmers, but alas, the temperatures are still cooler than normal, and the sun only shows itself through cracks in the cloud cover.


I imagine these sunny yellow lovelies to be worn on crisp spring mornings while walking the dog, or grabbing a cappuccino on the way to work…


Or on a chilly summer evening, while reading outside curled up in a deck chair by the light of the setting sun, or even candle light…


Or even keeping your digits nice and toasty on a fall day while raking up the leaves, or just admiring the change of colors.

Pattern is available for download on my Ravelry design page for $5.00 USD, or by emailing me directly at dragonfly85@live.ca

I also finished a project that I had to force myself to stretch out…


It’s the Drop Stitch Scarf by Christine Vogel, knit in Handmaiden Sea Three in what I believe to be the “Woodland” colorway. Let me make one thing clear, I can not rave about this yarn ENOUGH. It’s 70% silk, and 30% seacell, and it’s smooth, buttery, satiny, and an absolute treat to work with. At $60 (CND) a skein though, I could only afford the one, which I purchased with my Christmas yarn money. I will probably never, ever, ever buy this yarn again, because of the guilt trip I put myself through after purchasing it. However, I am glad that I have had the privilege to work with something so fine and wonderful in my knitting lifetime. And I highly encourage you to splurge at least once on something in this yarn’s quality category, you will truly have an appreciation for silk (or cashmere, or whatever luxury fiber you choose to splurge on) if you do.

And oh yes, I maximized on the experience. I knit this scarf right up to the end, when I knew I would run out. I cast on with only enough room to spare to weave in my end, and I cast off the same way:


And want to know the cool thing? Because of the very high silk content, and the fact that silk does not have memory the way that fibers like wool does, there is no blocking required.


Just pure, and simple enjoyment. Like in the way the blue climbs the scarf in a diagonal pattern (totally unintended) and intermixes with the other colors. I made no modifications, no changes, just knit the pattern the way it was. It is perfection my friends, pure and simple perfection. Pick up this pattern and knit yourself one. The genius in it will astound you, and make you smile. And it’s free, too! Who doesn’t love that?

So, whether you indulge in my Sunflower Hand Warmers pattern, or an Easy Drop Stitch Scarf, I hope you are enjoying your early summer knitting. (Though here, it feels like mid-spring).