Off the needles, that is!

Three projects, all in a quick succession, have flown off the needles. First off were the Button Up Your Cup cup warmers.


A pair of them for my favorite tea-drinking mugs. I love their shape and size (and color), but I hate how quickly they lose their heat. Yes, I know, a lot of it is lost out the top, but I definitely found a prolonged period of drinkable temperature tea after snuggling these cups into the covers. To prove just how much I loved the pattern, I even broke out my meager crochet skills to make the button loops and to join the two sides. Impressive, no? I especially love the dragonfly buttons that they go around too. Another thing that makes me smile bright and early in the morning.

Then, Morgan’s Frilly Sun Hat designed by Debbie Bliss saw completion.


It’s knit with Knit Picks Shine Sport in Green Apple, the same yarn I used to make the Froggie Hat out of. 3.75mm needles, and a heavily modified pattern later…


So, this pattern was intended to be knit flat in three stages; the hat, the brim, and the lace edging. However, me, being me, decided that since I hate sewing seams, why not knit it in the round, like a hat should be? That is what I did. When I picked up the stitches for the brim, I substituted the increase instructions written for the purl rows with knit rows, and it worked out just fine. Instead of a lace edging though (which would let in light, the opposite of a sun hat’s function I think) I chose to knit a couple more rows to extend the brim and make a picot edging. It kept it girly and cute, and allowed it to frill a bunch on the edges. I did end up having to sew the edging down, I did try to knit a cast off while picking up stitches from the inside, but it got too stiff, and just stuck out straight. I chose to bind off loosely and sew it down instead so I could control the movement, and I’m glad I did.

The final item that has come off my needles is my pride and joy – my On Cloud Nine socks that I just published!


This is a pay pattern – $3.00 USD, and available either through Ravelry (find my designs by searching my username, wcknitwit) or through emailing me. Once I receive your PayPal payment, I will email you the link with the PDF file in it. If you go to Ravelry, you can pay for the pattern and get instant access to the link, or download it right to your computer! My email is


I have another design of mine on the needles, currently being tested. This time, it’s a bright and sunny design, sure to spark a smile and put you in a summery mood. That’s the only hint you get though! You won’t get anything else from me until it’s finished!

If someone is interested in being a test knitter for this project, email me. You will need 50g of fingering weight yarn, and be able to get stitch gauge of 8 stitches to the inch (2mm needles work for me).

Now, it’s time for family game night. It’s been a LONG day. We did the big pre-baby cleanup today, and not only cleaned out our storage room, but rearranged and organized it. Then, on top of that, we tore Morgan’s room apart and cleaned it from top to bottom as well. We threw out old and outgrown clothes (into bags for donation, don’t worry!), rearranged it to make more room for playing, and purchased a new low shelf for various toys and puzzles and dress up shoes. It’s spic and span, and practically sparkles! She even let me change her comforter from Dora to a summery yellow with daisies and green and blue plaid. It looks cheery and warm now! (and the amount of pink and purple doesn’t hurt my brain anymore either). I need a cup of tea, a bit of knitting time, and to let my stomach settle.

I love the satisfying feeling of a day that was truly full.