So, since my post yesterday morning, I have contracted a serious case of Startitis. Maybe it was the attraction of the completion of a project, maybe it was the high I got from seeing so many people favorite and queue my Simple Fingerless Gloves pattern on Ravelry. Maybe it was the knitting blogs I read, and all the new patterns I saw. I really don’t know, but to be safe, I’m going to blame it on the fiber fumes wafting from my stash baskets.

So, not only do I have two Christmas presents on the needles, but I also wanted to make my step-daughter a hat out of the leftover Shine Sport in Green Apple that made my Froggie Hat. I cast on for a beret, and when the endless rows of stockinette revealed that whoever wrote the pattern must have a child with an unusually sized head (it was too big on me), I ripped it out and searched again, this time my search came up with gold. I found a Debbie Bliss Sun Hat that will look darling on her, especially when paired with her bright pink rain coat.

But that wasn’t enough. I also wanted to make a hat for Morgan’s maternal aunt, who has been having a hard time recovering from gastric bypass surgery. A mistake in the surgery has resulted in a hole at the top of her stomach, and because of this, she has to limit her caloric and total intake of food at one time, to avoid having gastric juices splash into her abdominal cavity. She should be going for repair surgery soon, but in the meantime, her hair is falling out, she’s lost all of the target weight, plus about an additional 12 pounds, and she is embarrassed by how thin her hair is. I dug out the yarn I used for Sunflower Tam, and cast on Unoriginal Hat by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. While listening to Pea in a Podcast, all about pregnancy and the first few months of motherhood, I finished it.


And then, this morning, I checked Ravelry again, to find that 85 people had favorited my glove pattern, and that it was in 22 people’s queues. I was on cloud nine! And that’s when it hit me.. I’ve never seen socks with a cloud design. There’s been other nature patterns inspired by water, leaves, flowers, all sorts of things…but what about clouds? I grabbed my graph paper and pencil, and started sketching out pattern shapes, playing with stitch counts, and finally came up with a pattern I liked. I checked out Ravelry for similar patterns, and found none. And then, I did something I hadn’t done in ages, checked the Sock Knitters Anonymous page. One of the challenges for June is to design your own socks!

So naturally, I wound my skein of Rancho Solid in a beautiful gray-blue, cast on the number of stitches I needed, and took a picture for the challenge.


This skein, by the way, was a nightmare to wind. It was a tangled mess, and it took an hour to wind it, start to finish, to the ball you see there. When I finally began I ran into another problem, the number of rows in my repeat made the pattern look flattened out, not how it had looked on the graph paper. And I didn’t like knitting a k2tog into the edge with a YO from the last row in it, so I solved the problem by simply throwing a knit row in between each graphed row, and voila! It turned out perfectly!

I had to rip back to the ribbing of course, to start over, but I am not discouraged. I love this pattern now, and I am eager to continue on with it. Only one thing remains to be done once this test sock has been completed, getting a test-knitter to knit one as well. Is anyone interested? You will of course get a free copy of the pattern to test-knit from. I am not looking for someone who wants to be compensated for their time, I am a beginning designer, and on a budget no less, with a baby on the way and all. Simply someone who loves to knit socks, and wouldn’t mind knitting the pattern, telling me about any mistakes they find, and giving criticisms for instructions to be better written. If you are interested, please send me an email @, or send me a message on Ravelry, and you can find me as wcknitwit.

Well, I should probably get moving on one of these projects! This is very unlike me to have so many on the go right now, but hopefully once I’ve finished something, the fumes will have worn off.