Yesterday, I showed you Possibility. The potential that freshly-wound yarn has before it ever gets cast on, the numerous options available for it’s final form, the wonder of it in the first state. Today, I show you Productivity. The result applied when one diligently works on Possibility, and practically nothing else.


Four repeats of the leaf chart, one full repeat of the transition chart, and I think I can squeeze in more more repeat of the flower chart before doing the border. But I’ve stopped there until I can put in something very, very important. A life line.

The first time I did a shawl out of fingering weight yarn, it was the Shoal Water Shawl, out of Fleece Artist, and I literally finished casting off with scarcely and inch and a half worth of yarn left. I could only weave it under three stitches before it had to be literally sewn into place with needle and thread. Remember Shoal Water?


Remember the terrible last minute repair?


Well, it’s not happening again this time, no siree. If I get partway through the border chart and I know I’m going to come up short, all I have to do is rip back to that good out lifeline and start the border chart fresh from there. I have learned my lesson, and to channel the Yarn Harlot a little bit here, I am not about to get cocky in front of the knitting gods, only to have them laughing in my face tomorrow evening as I come up three feet short of yarn 3/4 of the way through my cast off.

AND, while I’m at it, I’m starting my Christmas knitting early! Once Leaves and Flowers is done, I’m starting on the Super Secret Projects for the family. Some will be shown here, because I know they never check my blog (like Dad), but some, will have to be kept secret until the day after Christmas when I get a chance to post not only here, but on Ravelry, what I have been up to. I have a secret place I write down all the stats I need for Ravelry (like day started, finished, name, yarn and needle size used, etc) so that no one will accidentally find the information of the project before they see the project. See? Learning again! With me 17 weeks pregnant, and having a baby in November (hopefully it doesn’t drag into December! Keep your fingers crossed!), there is no way I will have time to do any knitting in the last 30 days, so I’m starting early. And hey, if all my Christmas knitting is done by the end of the summer, all the more time for me to work on something for myself.

Like Snowdrop Shawl. I really need to get around to ripping that back and starting it again….