Now that my yoga socks are done:


Made out of Cherry Tree Hill Superwash Semi-Solid sock yarn, there is a world of possibility opening up to me. Socks? Nah, don’t feel like more socks. Lace-weight shawl? Not quite ready for something that fine. Sweater? Too much work with the pieces, the sewing, etc. More baby things? NO. Well, what about a fingering weight shawl? Perfect!


Meet Enchanted Knoll Farm’s Superwash sock yarn in “Sandy Beach” and the Leaf and Flower shawl. 4mm needles, and a nice quick gratification project that will satisfy my lace-bug without the work and stitch number required with lace weight yarn.

And, with my yoga socks done, my vigor has been renewed to return to my yoga matt. I have already picked up my prenatal yoga again, with a lot of assistance with the exercise ball, but I’m getting bored of that. I will be digging out some of my DVD’s and modifying what I need to modify while I enjoy a bigger variety of poses. My experience with yoga is enough that I’ve learned to listen incredibly well to my body, and I’ve studied the body well enough to know what poses to avoid, and which ones to modify, and how. I don’t suggest those with no experience with yoga to modify regular yoga practice to try to suit them when they are pregnant – either pick up a prenatal yoga DVD, or take a class to make sure you aren’t doing anything that can injure you.

I’m hoping the afternoon passes quickly; I am making chicken curry for dinner tonight, and I can’t WAIT to taste it. It’s been three years since I made Indian food last, a chicken Vindaloo that went over very well. Do you think I can pull it off again? Here’s hoping!