16 weeks of pregnancy so far, and I must say, I am pleasantly surprised with how well I have been doing. I have been feeling very good, relatively few symptoms throughout my first trimester, and I continue to be symptom-free for the most part. With the exception of fatigue in the first three months, I have been nausea-free, and blissfully thankful for it.

Until last week that is. At 15 weeks pregnant, I started to feel not so good, and I wasn’t sure if it was heartburn, morning sickness, or something else. By the Friday, I was in the emergency room for the second time that week, and hooked up to an IV with fluids and Gravol, and I knew that something wasn’t right. After spending virtually the entire weekend on doctor-ordered bed rest, I was more than happy to return to my normal-feeling self on Tuesday. I was eating again, sleeping well, and instead of wobbling like a Weeble-Wobble toy when I stood up, I was walking fine about the house and had my balance again. Wednesday it was declared it was likely a fast-hitting flu bug that bit me, and that I was back to perfect health again, though lighter in the pocket book for the very expensive, pregnancy-approved anti-nauseaunt medication I was forced to purchase.

And I’m happy to report that ever since I began feeling better, I have kept my little fingers busy by knitting items for the little one. The two projects I was looking forward to the most have been finished, and I couldn’t be happier.


The Froggie Hat was completed today, and I adore it. It makes me smile, it makes me giggle, and I think a second pair of those booties I loved so much are in order to go with it.


And the Vintage Hoodie. I loved making this. It was a pleasant experience the entire time, from reading the old-timey directions (which under explained some things by far, and over explained others to a degree that was mind boggling, like instead of saying YO or Yarn Over or Forward, it was bring yarn to the front of the needle in a counter-clockwise direction, and hold at front for next stitch. Okay, seriously?), and trying to interpret the pattern (but I couldn’t, I just had to go with it), to the minimal sewing (the top of the hood and two under-sleeves, that’s it!), and the picot-edging. It was charming, it was darling, and I can’t wait to find just the perfect piece of ribbon to string through the ribbing on the neck to tie it up with.

Now, you might ask yourself, what does she have in mind for the next project? Another hat? More booties? What about these baby socks she keeps talking about, that are knit out of Fixations and won’t come off their feet? Well, they will just have to wait. I am quite frankly, getting sick and tired of baby knits, and I am going to focus on finishing up a pair of yoga socks for myself, before perhaps moving onto a complicated lace shawl or scarf. And maybe a nice little girly beret for Morgan. We’ll see. I shall enjoy a bit of selfish knitting for a time though, because lord knows, once that baby comes, there won’t be much time for it!