As of now, I am 15 weeks pregnant, and I am definitely starting to show. Though I can still cover up with oversized sweaters and my lab coat, the rest of the time, it’s pretty apparent what’s going on with my body. As I’ve started to get more and more obvious, I’ve kicked my baby knitted projects into high gear. Over the last few weeks, I have completed the following:


The Cabled Raglan Sweater


The Fred Textured Sweater


The Fixations Roll-Brim Hat

And I’ve finished the knitting part of the Embroidered Stockings from Knitting Lingerie Style.

Right now, I’m working on a pair of yoga socks, and then, I plan to move onto this:

You can find the pattern at this website. I also want to make this sweater. I’ve got baby socks made from Cascade Fixations on the brain too. I’ve heard that those little socks really stay on, since they are mostly cotton and elastic.

Things are not so great on the professional front, however. Due to a situation which I was not informed of, my hours have dropped from dependable and enough for us to live on, to barely there, and insecure. Obviously, I can’t depend on hand outs that come when someone calls in sick, or gets hurt, and vacation weeks are sparsely laid out over the summer, so when I could normally expect to see an increase in hours, I won’t, except for the odd week or two. As a result, I’ve been forced, at almost 4 months pregnant, to go out job hunting.

I’m starting in my own field, pharmacy, but I’m swiftly moving out, to banks, jewelry stores, even cashier positions at other drug and grocery stores. I’m worried, but I do think that with enough planning, and if we stick to our budget, and cut out unnecessary expenses, that we’ll be able to make ends meet, both during my pregnancy, and for the first year of baby’s life. The only thing that worries me afterwards, is returning to work, and the cost of day care. I’m not sure who, or where, or how much we will be able to afford, but somehow, we’ll make it work I’m sure. I’m trying to keep my stress levels down (for baby’s sake, and mine), and so this afternoon, I am doing something I haven’t done in years, bake bread by hand. My dough is doing its second, and final rise before it goes into the oven. Only 35 minutes to go before my whole house smells warm, delicious, and comforting. I can’t wait!