Even though I’ve been prepping myself and the house to get ready for Peanut’s entry into the world, it didn’t become a reality until today, when my beginner bulge and I trekked ourselves into the ultrasound clinic.


It’s hard to believe that that little white blob in the middle of my uterus is going to be a baby, but seeing something there now makes it all the more real. I finished the Biglia Hat and Booties too, and they look great.


They worked up very quickly, and the I-cord was the best decision for tying them up. I knit 13 inches of I-cord for each bootie, just enough to be able to tie a bow. I’m now working on a Raglan sweater with cables on either side. It’s a long and arduous task, all that stockinette, but the nice thing about it is that I won’t have do very much sewing at all! I can handle that!