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Finally a Reality

Even though I’ve been prepping myself and the house to get ready for Peanut’s entry into the world, it didn’t become a reality until today, when my beginner bulge and I trekked ourselves into the ultrasound clinic.


It’s hard to believe that that little white blob in the middle of my uterus is going to be a baby, but seeing something there now makes it all the more real. I finished the Biglia Hat and Booties too, and they look great.


They worked up very quickly, and the I-cord was the best decision for tying them up. I knit 13 inches of I-cord for each bootie, just enough to be able to tie a bow. I’m now working on a Raglan sweater with cables on either side. It’s a long and arduous task, all that stockinette, but the nice thing about it is that I won’t have do very much sewing at all! I can handle that! 


Ever the Busy Bee

Ever since I found out that I was pregnant, I’ve been a busy little bee. I’ve been reading pregnancy books, sourcing inexpensive, but good quality baby goods (like a change table with baskets for $60!), and of course, looking at knitting patterns for the baby. Baby sweaters, booties, hats, and soakers have all been on my radar screen. Even though I plan to use disposable diapers, I still think having a soaker would be nice, in case I want to dress the baby in a t-shirt and diaper only…it would be a nice cover, and they are SO cute.

Well, obviously the first thing I finished for Peanut was the baby blanket, but yesterday, I added a sweater to the list.


It’s a free pattern by Estelle Yarns, Cotton Cloud sweater. I used Bernat Baby Sport, and all it’s missing are some buttons, which I will be acquiring on the weekend. No, I didn’t make the hat. The hat was ugly because it’s pointed. I like rounded baby hats, and I’m looking for the right pattern to use more of the Bernat with to match the sweater. It needs to have a seed stitch border, and have a certain shape. I’m picky.

Also in the works is a hat and matching booties with Biglia Yarn. The pattern was improvised by someone from my LYS, and neither the pattern, nor the yarn are in Ravelry, so I can’t direct you to it unfortunately. When it’s done however, I will post pictures, and of course, once you see how cute they are, you could always contact them for info about purchasing the pattern:

Also on my wish list of baby patterns, the Baby Yours and Baby Mine sweaters by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, (both patterns available for view on Ravelry, and download for $6.50/ea on Blue Moon Fiber Arts website), and baby booties and socks made from Fixations. Apparently, that’s the best stuff for making socks with, they actually STAY ON a baby’s foot!

and it’s coming November 2nd of this year… can any of you guess what it is?

If you guessed a baby, you would be right! I’m 9.5 weeks pregnant, and extremely thrilled!

Apr.2 (1)

Gender and names will be kept a secret, but we are hoping for a boy. And that baby blanket I finished a little while ago?


It’s now gracing the surface of our new change table, which we were able to pick up for quite the deal online! I normally wouldn’t have bought any furniture this soon, but I couldn’t pass the deal up! Pictures of our baby stuff will come later on, though I can’t wait to show you!