I don’t know if any of you even practice yoga, but I have been doing it for a few years now. At one time, I was very good about doing some everyday, but when I moved back after leaving my ex, yoga fell off my radar, probably when I needed it most, but fell off it did. The lack of a clean, large, private space to practice was probably the biggest reason I stopped doing it regularly, My room at home was too small, and the den that my younger brother and I “shared” was constantly cluttered up with his video game equipment scattered all over the room. Even when I tried to shove things to the perimeter, it was too messy for me to unwind with a good yoga practice.

And for awhile after I moved, I was good about doing my yoga at home in my living room, until I started to get constant calls from work asking me to come in early, or in on my days off, and then of course, December hit, as well as a swarm of illnesses after that, and it was the perfect excuse not to practice, wasn’t it?

Well, it’s been three weeks, 1 round of antibiotics, and 2 rounds of Cold-FX since I have felt good, really good. Last night I was talking to Neil and said that I might go for a run today if I wasn’t coughing very much, but then I stopped myself dead. What happened within a couple days of me running the last three times? I got sick. The first time was after the cold in December, the next day I was throwing up and landed myself in the hospital because I couldn’t keep my fluids down. The second time was in January, just before that head cold. The third time was three weeks ago, two days before I ended up with strep. I had spent so much time complaining about not being able to exercise, that I pushed myself to do it at the first sign of health, and I’m betting that that’s why I’ve been getting sick too much, along with a couple other typical behaviors for me, not getting enough sleep, and not eating very well.

So, I’ve decided that for the next two weeks, my only exercise is going to be yoga, the occasional walk to/from work, and lots of exercising my right to a good night’s sleep. I got about 10 hours last night, (thanks to me sleeping in, hehehe!), and I plan to sleep in again tomorrow too. Normally, I hate to waste the morning away by sleeping in late, but I’ve been sick on and off for two months now, I think I deserve it! And my yoga? It’s going to be trying out some of these great new Yoga Journal Podcasts.

Yoga Journal Podcast 121

You can view a lot more videos on their website, as well as follow the Yoga Journal blog, get links to asanas, articles, quizzes, shopping, and more! My favorite pose that I’m loving right now is this one, Crow Pose, or Crane Pose:


For instructions on how to do this pose, click on the photograph. I struggled with this pose for awhile, being an arm balance after all, but once I got it, I was so proud of myself! Women are often scared to try arm balances, we think of ourselves as not having much upper body strength, but I really encourage you to give it a try. Push yourself out of your comfort zone a bit, try something challenging, just think how excited you will feel if you do manage to stick it for a few seconds! I think the longest I’ve managed is about three or fourth breaths, which I think is just long enough for me right now!

I am working late tonight, but I think I will treat myself to a hot bath and a few restorative poses before I go to sleep, and tomorrow, I am sleeping in again! Followed by a yoga class with my favorite local teacher, Christie. Namaste, and happy knitting!