I had been thinking this thought a short time ago, and I had planned to get some shots of me in some of my favorite yoga poses, and maybe even blab on a little bit about how I started yoga, its benefits, and why I love it so much, and then, on Sunday night after work, I felt it coming on. Again. This makes the 4th illness in a month and a half, and the 3rd time I’ve gotten strep throat in a 12 month period. Good god, what am I doing wrong? It’s seems that some people are just susceptible to certain illnesses, which apparently I am to strep throat, and that my immune system has probably been run down with the last three viruses, and it made me more prone to streptococcus bacteria. At least this time around I can take antibiotics to get rid of it, instead of waiting impatiently for 2 or 3 weeks for my body to blast the virus within me.

But something that I have never experienced is the extreme fatigue that came with this round of strep. 8-9 hours of sleep at night, and about 3-5 during the day between all my naps just did not sound like normal, until today when my mom and I were on our way to Langley to 88 Stitches to spend our Christmas Stash Cash that she asked me if I had had much to eat, and if maybe I was low in iron? Well, duh! The idea hit me like a ton of bricks, and once we got home, I promptly took 2 iron tablets, and after a cat nap and a couple hours, I already feel better than I have all week, though I’ve got a really weird gravelly voice thing going on now that wasn’t there this morning.

But okay! Yarn! I bet you all want to see what I got, don’t you? Well even if you don’t, you’ll just have to suffer through anyways. I got some luxurious purchases that I’ll probably never make again, and I’m so happy with them.


So, starting from the left, we have Araucania in Rancho Solid, no name for the color, but it’s like a denim-y blue. It’s darker than in the picture, but not by much. Think a pair of blue jeans that have been washed a few times. A second skein of the same in slightly variegated gray, and then my pride and joy, a skein of Fleece Artist Hand Maiden Sea Three (70% silk and 30% seacell), in a color way that isn’t written on the label. Whatever it is, it’s gorgeous, and I paid way too much money for it. I will probably never, ever pay that much for a single skein of yarn ever again, but boy did it feel good to pay for it today.

I also purchased a Chibi for my darning needles, so I will stop sticking myself with them when I grab my pincushion. And a bottle of wool wash. Those two aren’t so exciting, but I figured worth noting.

And as quick update, I am up to mid-knee on the first stocking still. I thought that this week would be a perfect opportunity to finish at least the first stocking, but strep knocked me flat on my butt. Until I took the iron this afternoon, I hardly had the will to get up and go to the bathroom, let alone pick up my knitting needles. I have laid in bed or on the couch all week, and when I haven’t been sleeping or zoning out to the tv, I have been reading when I have the will to lift a book. I think I have maybe contributed a whole 1.5 inches to the length of the stocking this week, that’s how tired and sick I have been.

Tomorrow morning I plan to wind my yarn for Snowdrop, and get my needles and notions ready, read through the pattern to make sure I understand it, and then, the first moment that i am allowed to, will cast on my shawl. I am doubting that I will be able to finish it before the end of the month, but I will surely give it my best effort, and ultimately, it’s just for fun anyways. This is a project I’ve had on my “knit list” for a long time, so it doesn’t really matter when I finish it, just that I do.

I wish you all the best of luck on your challenges the next couple of weeks, I doubt I will do much blogging, because that will take away from knitting time, but I will surely do my best to keep you up to date! Happy knitting!