Well, this is when I get a chance to knit on it, anyways. Behold, the first Embroidered Stocking from Knitting Lingerie Style! Unfinished, of course.


I love the color, I love the pattern, I love how quickly it’s working up, but what I don’t love is that my left pointer finger got cut last week near the nail bed, and infected, though no matter how much I try to get it un-infected, it won’t go away. It may mean I have to go to the walk-in clinic next week for some antibiotics if the Polysporin doesn’t kick in soon. It’s swollen, sore, red, angry, and if I hit it with a knitting needle by accident it means that I end up in searing pain and have to put my needles down for at least 5 minutes. And since I’m a fast knitter, I bump it pretty regularly.

However, infected finger aside, I’m loving this pattern. The yarn is thick and bouncy (Cascade Fixations), and the pattern shows it off well. I think I will have to use this yarn again for something else. I also cannot wait (you should all put this on your calendars, because what I am about to say will shake the foundations of all that you know about me) to do the embroidery.

I’m letting the shock of the moment sink into your brains now, and truly take hold. Yes, I just said that I am looking forward to doing some type of sewing. Me! The one who abhors it! But I think it’s going to be kind of like cross-stitch…it might involve a needle and thread (or tapestry needle and yarn in this case), but because I’m making a pretty design with it, and not joining two seams together, or attaching buttons, it’s suddenly not disgusting to me! I am going to stick with the designs from the book (feather and fan), but I’ve seen some very creative alternatives to what’s in the book, and they are all very inspiring. I won’t be doing embroidery until the knitting on both stockings is finished though, just in case the Ravelympics starts, and they aren’t finished. Doing embroidery on both stockings that will match will require me to do the first one, then repeat the process one more time right afterwards. My puny brain won’t keep sewing information in it for very long, not even sewing information that I’m excited about.

And speaking of the Ravelympics, 6pm on February 12, 2010 is the start time, and 11:59pm on February 28th is the finish time. I can swatch if I need to beforehand, and have my yarn wound into balls, and needles and notions at the ready, but I can’t actually cast on a stitch until 6pm. The suspense just may kill me! I’m batting for Team Austentatious this time around, and making Snowdrop Shawl by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, just in case you forgot (I sure didn’t!). My goal also, is not to finish the shawl in that time (though that would be nice…), but to simply knit as much of it as I can in that time. All other projects shall be halted, and there is a very good chance I will neglect this blog, Ravelry, and other electronic devices in order to get all that knitting done. I have considered calling in sick to work, but Neil drew the line at that (though he did give me the go-ahead for lots of quickly thrown together dinners, crock-pot meals, housework neglection, and piles of laundry the size of small dinosaurs to pile up in those 16 days), because apparently, “bringing in an income” is high on his priority list. If you want to find out anymore information about the Ravelympics, go to www.ravelry.com, log in, and search for the Ravelympics Group and read the official rules.