I can add another finished project to my Ravelry projects page today, Fauxbius came off the needles and was blocked last night, and was dry by this morning for photos. (I would have taken photos even if it wasn’t dry, but that’s beside the point).

fauxbius1 fauxbius2

I absolutely adore this piece, and it makes the 4th Chrissy Gardiner pattern that I’ve completed, and the 5th that I’ve tried (Twisted Cables socks from Interweave have been attempted, but I haven’t found the right yarn for it yet). She is one of my favorite designers, and I love how consistent she is, she rarely throws a curve ball at you, her pieces are always well thought out and planned, and very sophisticated. I can see Fauxbius with an outfit like above, or with a little black dress, a nice piece to elevate it to “classy” and “sophisticated” status.

I immediately felt a lack of lace in my life as I cast the last few stitches off the needles, but Snowdrop for the Ravelympics doesn’t start for another 9 days, so I decided to fill my time with a couple quick and simple projects. I have one pair of plain socks on the go right now, and Embroidered Stockings from Knitting Lingerie Style. I tried to find images from the book online of the finished product, but with no luck. Log into Ravelry, look up the pattern, and you’ll be able to see it.

They are knit toe up with a very interesting twist. Most of the time when you cast on toe-up, you use Judy’s Magic Cast On, or Turkish cast on, and increase in 4 places evenly every other row until you end up with the right number of stitches. But not for these stockings, instead, you use a Provisional Cast on (cause you all know how much I just love to crochet) and cast on 25 stitches, and decrease every other row until you have only 7 stitches, then, you start to pick up a stitch on either side every other row to get back to your original 25 stitches, then pick up the 25 from the provisional cast on, and carry on with the foot like you normally would have.

I’m not sure if all that was necessary, really, when you consider that sometimes picking up stitches leaves little holes (miniscule in this case, thankfully), and if you increase in the right way on toe-up socks, you won’t, and then there’s the fact that I had to break out my dust-covered one and only crochet hook as well, but hey, it got the job done, and I’ll repeat the process one more time for the second stocking, but I think if I ever see this technique used again for a toe-up sock, that I’ll pass, and stick with my lovely magic cast on’s, they are so much less fussy. I’m glad I tried it though!

For these stockings I’m using the yarn they recommend, Cascade Fixations, and I’m using a solid, a nice lavender purple. I’m going to see if my mother (or knitting friends) have any scraps of it remaining for the embroidery though, I don’t really want to purchase another ball just to put some pretty designs on the side. Anyone have any they want to give me? Hmmm?