About 4 years ago, I was sitting in my mother’s living room on the other side of the couch from her, and I was working on my first piece of “pattern knitting”, which to me, meant had more than knit and purl stitches in it. I took an edge design from Nicky Epstein’s Knitting on the Edge and turned it into a scarf with a seed stitch border. From that point on, while I was working countless stitches, increasing and decreasing, slowly revealing the shape and climb of the leaves, I knew that I wanted to design something myself one day. I was infatuated, stunned, and in wonder to see some yarn, a pair of needles, and a set of instructions that would otherwise look like code, turn into something so beautiful.


It was only as I was typing this up that I realized that I have never actually taken a picture of this scarf, nor had I put it up on Ravelry, so I quickly fixed my hair, put on some clothes, and snapped this photo of my little beauty, which by the way, definitely needs to be re-blocked. I look at that scarf, and I look at my Fauxbius, and I realize how far I really have come knitting wise, and how much left there is to learn and discover. I have tackled projects that may have been beyond my skill level, and pulled them off, with sheer determination to get it right, to figure it out, and I have decided that as whole, I want to challenge myself a little more this year. Lace, interesting patterns, and tackling the design front are my key goals for Knitting 2010, and I’d like to introduce the first of hopefully, my many patterns:


Neil’s Socks with Clocks. For now, the pattern is only available for download via Ravelry. It’s priced at $3.00 USD, and eventually I hope to get a store and website going so that I can make the pattern available that way. Next, I will be typing up Laura’s Socks and making that available for download too, but that one will be free. With the amount of time I put into Neil’s Socks with Clocks though, I did not feel comfortable just putting it out there, free of charge. They were my babies, my first ever pattern, and I’m not letting it go for nothing. =)

If you are interested in purchasing this pattern, please log into Ravelry.com and search for my user name, wcknitwit. You will find my store attached to my profile there, with Socks With Clocks featured.

Happy knitting!