I realized that just a couple months, I was celebrating my second blogversary! And I totally missed it! (again). I was busy either knitting away on something for someone else, or something for myself, and I totally missed it! How terrible of me! What’s really sad is that this blog really does hold a lot of memories for me, and it’s so sad that I didn’t celebrate those memories, both the good ones and the bad ones.

So much has changed for the better since this blog was created. I was living with my ex-husband, I was miserable and cooped up and begging for something to do. That’s when Icarus came into the picture. But that marriage wasn’t meant to be, and it turned out that that incarnation of the shawl wasn’t either. While I was busy ripping apart that shawl (my heart still lurches thinking about it), I was also ripping apart three years of my life with another human being, trying to separate my feelings for him and my feelings about how I was being treated, also true with my feelings of anger at the shawl for daring to have a mistake in it, but my love for the pattern and the yarn.

In the end, I got divorced, and my shawl ended up wound into a new ball and sealed into a plastic bag at the bottom of my stash basket. But the yarn only stayed that way for a few months. Earlier this year I picked Icarus back up and cast on again, about the same time that I truly tried my hand at love again. The result was beautiful year, full of excitement, love, change, and surprises. I surprised myself to be sure, by finishing Icarus in pretty good time, by finding the love of my life and moving in with him, and by once again venturing out on my own into the world.

As a spouse, Neil is everything I could ask for and more. Take this Christmas for example, I got one of these:


Which I used just this morning to rewind my Fleece Artist, which will be the yarn of choice for my SKA January challenge. I am making Pomme De Pin socks by Stefania. Pomme means apple en Francais, and I think this Fleece Artist looks like many different colors of apples. Parfait, n’est pas? (Perfect, isn’t it?)

I am also working steadily on my Auburn Camp Shirt. This project has been on my UFO list for far too long, and I wanted to start off this year with a clean slate of projects, so I decided that after all this time, that I would pick up Auburn Camp and continue on with it. My progress so far:


That is one back, the right front, and more than half of the left front completed. I have high hopes that I can finish that piece today, and start on the sleeves. I am also going to scour the internet and see if anyone sewed the garment together then picked up stitches for the sleeves and knit them in the round. It would be far easier to do this, but if no one else has, then I will just have to work like the pattern says (*sigh*), which I really don’t want to do. I hate seams, and if it means I could do some short rows to avoid sewing them, I will.

I also cast on a pair of socks for my step-daughter, Morgan:


Flying Trapeze socks by Chrissy Gardiner. The pattern is complicated, time consuming, and the chart is dizzying, but I love them. When I don’t feel like knitting endless rows of P1, K7 on my sweater, with the odd button-hole thrown in, I pick these up. The leg is now done though, and I need to start the heel flap. I’ve promised myself that if the sweater front is done by dinner tonight, that I will sit down and finish the heel flap, turn, and pick up for the gusset tonight after dinner.

A brilliant start to the New Year, yes? I hoped that with this new look and title, that this blog might catch my attention a little more often, that I might make the odd post that has no base in knitting, but in my life and a few of my other hobbies. A knitting blog at it’s core it will still be, but some real life stuff thrown in every now and then certainly won’t hurt!

Here’s to a fun, exciting, and fun-filled 2010!