Earlier this morning, I looked at my knitting blog and I realized that my last post was October 27th, and I thought to myself how naughty of me that had been, considering all that I have completed in that time frame, knitting wise that is. Tis the season for knitted gifts, and I have been quite industrious if I do say so myself. Let’s to a photo run-down of all that I have completed since the last post, shall we?


There’s the Star-Crossed Slouchy Beret,


Morgan’s Easy No-Pattern Hat,


The first pair of socks I designed, Neil’s Socks with Clocks,


The Stop And Go Mittens for Morgan,

and my latest design for my friend, Laura, Laura’s Socks, which I finished earlier this afternoon.


They are blocking, because the astute among you might remember that this yarn, the Enchanted Knoll Farms superwash sock yarn that I used for my Water Diamonds cowl, is a terrible dye bleeder. It stains my fingertips blue for hours after I work with it, so the socks took a little time to soak in a tepid bath with some gentle detergent and vinegar to set the color. I will be taking a better picture for Ravelry that will demonstrate the fold-down cuffs on the socks, but for now, I didn’t want to leave you hanging.

I have also made my first felted slipper. Yes, that’s singular. I started the slipper and finished it, but got swept off by other projects, like Neil’s socks, and the ones for Laura, which are for Christmas. I wanted to finish them with time to spare, so I put my slipper project to the side, and I’m afraid I am having trouble picking it back up again. This unfelted slipper is so boring, that I had to find something to pose it with to make it more interesting.


I’ve noticed on a lot of other knitting blogs that when a knitter has a tough time adding interest to their project photos, that they include their cat in the photo somehow. Well, now that I am moved out on my own, in a basement suite where I am allowed no pets, I had to add the only cat-like thing in my house, my leopard-print pillow, which I am very fond of by the way.

Other projects just keep seeming to be more important, like the scarf I need to knit for Morgan for Christmas, to match the hat and mittens I made for her. She is a purple fanatic, and so it will be a combination of the two purples seen above, and it means my lonely slipper will remain with no pair, and unfelted for the time being.

But hey, look on the bright side, it’s only 18 days left until Christmas, so once these projects are finished, it probably won’t have to wait much longer!