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Santa was good to me!

This Christmas was a very exciting one for me, because it was the first year that I got to play Santa with Neil for Morgan. For the last several weeks I have been remembering all the things Mom and Dad did to spark our belief in Santa Claus, like leaving a cookie or two with big bite marks in them, half-chewed carrots from the reindeer, surprises in closets and other things that it seemed only a magical man could do. I wanted to make sure that Morgan’s first Christmas with all of us together was going to be magical too.

Well, things didn’t exactly go quite as planned. Morgan was hyper of course, and we were over at her grandparent’s place, and she probably had too many sweets. Add to that a nagging cough that wouldn’t seem to go away, and just minutes after we put her down to bed on Christmas Eve, she was crying in her bed. Usually, she does this for attention, but something in her tone made us go up and check on her, and it’s a good thing we did. Scared that if she got up, she would make Santa angry, Morgan stayed in her bed, even though she knew she was going to throw up. After the mess, Neil and I quickly carried her to the bathroom to let her finish bringing up whatever was left in her stomach, and I cleaned her up while Neil took care of her floor and sheets. Morgan stood there, shaking like a leaf, and I asked her what was wrong, and got this for an answer:

“Santa is almost hee—ere..and he’s going to-to-to see-ee that I’m up-p-p-p and he’s going to-to go…AW-AW-AWAY!” at which point she promptly bursts into tears. We had to explain to her that Santa knew she wasn’t being bad, that she was sick, and that he would just go to some other children’s houses first and would come back when she was feeling better and back asleep. 20 minutes, some water, new pj’s, freshly brushed teeth, and a few bites of dry toast with cinnamon later, she was back in bed alright, asleep within only minutes of us closing the door.

Christmas Day was great for all of us, we were spoiled recklessly, and got quite a few things we wanted, and even a few things we needed too. The best thing for me though wasn’t the ball winder, the Knit Picks interchangable circular needle set, or even the new pj’s with sheep all over them, or the new socks from Mom, no, it was the money for the piece of furniture Neil and I needed so badly, a new bed.


Our old bed was about 10 years old and in bad shape. The middle sagged in the mattress and box spring, and we had folded towels in the dip to try to eliminate the sag in the center. The mattress was angled badly to one side, so the sheets kept coming off, and the worst part about it was the fact that it was so small, a full size. Neil isn’t exactly a small guy, so we needed a queen size badly. We trekked out to Ikea on Boxing Day to get our new bed, a queen sized Malm with the matching night stands (which I am totally in love with!) and an Ikea foam mattress (great for my allergies), and a new all natural down duvet and a new cover. A couple other odds and ends came home with us too, like a stand for our new printer, some plastic dishes, and the small white shaded lamp on the right side of the bed.

Morgan of course got spoiled, we got her a tea cart with a tea set on it, a dog that barks when you pet it, Princess sets for reading and the bath, and lots of other odds and ends, but I think the highlight of her Christmas was finding a new bike under her mother’s Christmas tree. It was so funny though, Neil told me she burst into tears when she realized it didn’t have any training wheels on it, she calls it her mountain bike right now, and when she gets the training wheels, it will be a “big girl bike.” This stuff is too cute to make up!

Christmas night, I got to meet my new baby cousin, Jeremy.


Who is only three weeks old (though closer to 4 now). Isn’t he precious?

And Mom got to see her new socks, and now, so do you! I present, Schooner Socks, from the book Socks for Handpainted Yarn.


Santa sure spoiled us this year! And now, I need to go clean up after him. There is stuff all over the living room and bedrooms still, believe me, that photo of the bed earlier is a lie. The mess is all out of camera range! Laundry, dishes, vacuuming, so much has to get done today!


Only 4 Days To Christmas!

I’m sure there’s a lot of knitters out there right now, struggling to get their last minute knitted Christmas presents finished, but I am not among them this year. I don’t know if it was that I was in a new house and still feel like there’s stuff to be done, or if it’s because work is all the more stressful this year, but I just did not feel the need to pile a lot more work on myself with tons of knitted gifts that could possibly not make it to the recipient in time for Christmas. It might also have something to do with the fact that I just made a bunch of stuff for people before Christmas, and didn’t want to be redundant with their gifts. Only two people will be receiving from me this year, my mom, and my friend Laura. I shall reveal Mom’s gift on Christmas, after she’s received it, but until then, her gift shall remain a secret.

That hasn’t stopped me from knitting though. In the last few days I have finished two major projects:


The baby blanket for the baby that doesn’t exist yet is finished, and I’ve tucked it away for that special day when there might be one.


And the felted slippers are finished too. Unlike most first-time makers, I was not fascinated with the process of turning a gargantuan slipper into one that fits just right because it did NOT fit just right. I’m not sure if it was the yarn or my washing machine, or possibly my impatience, but these slippers just would not felt down very well at all. I used Cascade 220, but I’ve been told it’s a yarn that doesn’t always take kindly to felting, and to use Patons Classic Wool instead next, which I will have to try at some point. In the meantime, Neil has new slippers, they fit him to a T.

And hey! Guess what I dug out of the bottom of my stash basket? Recognize this?


That’s right! I am actually going to try to finish the Auburn Camp Shirt I started in 2008…I’ve only been working on it for close to two years now.. not a long time at all! The back is complete, and the Right Front show above is about half way done now I’d say. Only one more front piece, two sleeves (which are only elbow length!), the sewing, and the collar need to be done. I’m making a goal of completing it by the end of January, we’ll see how well I can stick to that!

I also bought the yarn for these stockings from Knitting Lingerie Style:

I just need the needles (which I hope to acquire either on Christmas Day, or on Boxing Day at a yarn shop sale), and then I will be casting on! They look pretty simple, so they’ll be my mindless pattern to work on, when the sweater feels like too much. I can’t wait! I bought Lavender Cascade Fixations, I think they’re going to be gorgeous!

Everyone enjoy a very Merry Christmas, we’ll see how good the Knitting Santa is to me this year!

Earlier this morning, I looked at my knitting blog and I realized that my last post was October 27th, and I thought to myself how naughty of me that had been, considering all that I have completed in that time frame, knitting wise that is. Tis the season for knitted gifts, and I have been quite industrious if I do say so myself. Let’s to a photo run-down of all that I have completed since the last post, shall we?


There’s the Star-Crossed Slouchy Beret,


Morgan’s Easy No-Pattern Hat,


The first pair of socks I designed, Neil’s Socks with Clocks,


The Stop And Go Mittens for Morgan,

and my latest design for my friend, Laura, Laura’s Socks, which I finished earlier this afternoon.


They are blocking, because the astute among you might remember that this yarn, the Enchanted Knoll Farms superwash sock yarn that I used for my Water Diamonds cowl, is a terrible dye bleeder. It stains my fingertips blue for hours after I work with it, so the socks took a little time to soak in a tepid bath with some gentle detergent and vinegar to set the color. I will be taking a better picture for Ravelry that will demonstrate the fold-down cuffs on the socks, but for now, I didn’t want to leave you hanging.

I have also made my first felted slipper. Yes, that’s singular. I started the slipper and finished it, but got swept off by other projects, like Neil’s socks, and the ones for Laura, which are for Christmas. I wanted to finish them with time to spare, so I put my slipper project to the side, and I’m afraid I am having trouble picking it back up again. This unfelted slipper is so boring, that I had to find something to pose it with to make it more interesting.


I’ve noticed on a lot of other knitting blogs that when a knitter has a tough time adding interest to their project photos, that they include their cat in the photo somehow. Well, now that I am moved out on my own, in a basement suite where I am allowed no pets, I had to add the only cat-like thing in my house, my leopard-print pillow, which I am very fond of by the way.

Other projects just keep seeming to be more important, like the scarf I need to knit for Morgan for Christmas, to match the hat and mittens I made for her. She is a purple fanatic, and so it will be a combination of the two purples seen above, and it means my lonely slipper will remain with no pair, and unfelted for the time being.

But hey, look on the bright side, it’s only 18 days left until Christmas, so once these projects are finished, it probably won’t have to wait much longer!