Breathe a sigh of relief everyone. Not only has the big move into my new place with my boyfriend and four year old stepdaughter gone very well, but I have been knitting quite a bit!

Finished at last, are Twisted Tulip socks!


Aren’t they lovely? I’m so glad I finished them! The second sock only took a few days as well, because I worked on them sporadically, but once I really got down to it and worked on them, they went by quickly. Done at last! I was so glad to cross them off my projects list!

Also finished, is the project I did alongside my read/knit along with the Austentatious ravelry group I belong to. While reading Persuasion by Jane Austen, I worked on the Water Diamonds Cowl by Kristi Holaas. It is also finished and blocked and grafted together, and I couldn’t be happier about it.


I’ve also had a burst of creative spirit when it comes to my socks. As some of you may know, I’m a member of the Sock Knitter Anonymous group on ravelry. Our goal of course is to try to NOT get over our sock addiction, and also attempt to start and finish at least one pair of challenging socks every month should we be up to the task. Some months I like the challenges, and some I don’t. This month, I love it, men’s socks!

Neil has been bugging me for awhile now about when I’m going to make him a pair of socks, and a few days before I read about the challenge I went out and got yarn for socks for him, when the second Twisted Tulip sock was underway. By chance I dropped into the SKA forums and discovered my luck! The pattern has to be specifically designed for a man, it can’t just be unisex or plain, or you can design your own with your man in mind. I leafed through several patterns and saw many patterns that would be considered unisex, but very few designed for men that I actually liked. So, I am designing my first sock!

The name of the socks are Neil’s Socks with Clocks. There is a simple clock pattern that I drew myself on graph paper with a seed stitch bar that I also designed that goes down the outside of the leg the length of the leg, and will divide off when it comes to the heel flap.

Once the pattern is finished I will be writing and drawing it up on the computer and I will make it available to my readers. I will also research how to get it published onto ravelry as well.

I’m excited to get this first test sock done so that I can put the pattern to the test on the second one! Oprah’s on, and I want to get more knitting done! I leave you now with a parting shot from my stepdaughter, the diva!