Thankfully, it’s one of my favorite colors, so having green at every turn is a good thing! Not only are my SKA September socks green…



…but so is my new house, and many of the things within it! I know I talked about finishing these socks, then starting on the second Twisted Tulip sock, but that just really won’t be possible. We are into the second half of September, or moving month, and I would rather have my things tucked safely away at the new place, than be trying to protect my gorgeous WIP from being stepped on, covered in dust, or any number of horrific things that could happen to it. So, the Smooshy and first Tulip are tucked safely in a stash basket in a corner at the new place…which is…GREEN!

The walls are green. A nice neutral sage green color that at night time or in minimal lighting looks almost mocha-y brown-grey. I love it! In the sunlight it is smooth and mellow and calming. With the beige carpet it makes the space airy and breezy, very fresh. But that’s not where the green stops… the towels and shower curtain are green.. there are green plates, bowls, and cups in the kitchen, there is green in a couple of the pictures we are going to hang. And what’s not green is white, black, birch effect (Ikea birch effect to be exact), and cream. The space is light, and airy, and feels like a day at the beach to me. I can’t wait to be all settled in and living there.

And where IS there exactly? Well, I’m staying in the same small city where I currently am, but I am in a completely different neighborhood. I am living in a relative’s basement suite. They bought the house less than a year ago, and it came complete with a finished basement suite and….tenants. Very NOISY tenants. They talked loud, listening to music loud, played video games loudly, slammed the doors when they were coming and going, etc. My aunt and uncle don’t even know we are there half the time..which is surprising because we have been setting up furniture, even hanging stuff on the walls with a nail and hammer, and they had no clue!

Time to go pack some more things, I will be moving even more stuff in a short hour and a half…and I haven’t even started! Happy knitting!