I can’t believe I am telling this to you people…but Icarus is FINALLY, after a year and a half from it’s original cast on date near the beginnings of this humble knitting blog, FINISHED!

And I’m not talking just off the needles awaiting blocking, I mean completely, 100% completed. Don’t believe me?


Notice something else? My hair is gone! This is what I looked like first time I cast on Precious…one and a half years ago!


And this is what I look like today:


My hair is shorter than it was when I got married in 2005, and in a way, I feel I’ve come full circle because of it. I started knitting Icarus in 2008 I think because I needed hope, and a complicated, difficult, delicate, webby shawl seemed like just the challenge I needed to give it back to me. I think I felt like if I could conquer something like that, I could conquer the challenges in my marriage. It wasn’t until I made a major mistake and was unable to pick it back that I realized that it wasn’t just my knitting that had to come apart.

When I got back to Canada my mother and I assessed the damage and diagnosed Icarus as dead, and it was ripped back, rewound, and retired with the pattern to a bag in my stash basket. And at the beginning of this year I felt that I had overcome most of the challenges in my life and I picked it back up and began again. Just like my life post-divorce, Icarus had a few stumbling blocks, and my mother helped me through those knitted mistakes just like she did my life ones. And I like to think the result is the same as my life, complicated, intricate, but a thing of wonder when you really look at it.

On July 31st, I finally completed the two final tasks that I knew had to be done before I could truly call my life complete; I quite my job at the auto parts store to take a position as a Pharmacy Technician, and I cut my hair off. I have no regrets over either, quite the opposite in fact. I love my job, I finally after years of struggle, love my hair, and ultimately I love my life. I still have many great things to come, and I will enjoy them with fabulous hair and a beautiful shawl now!